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Response to SFI bankruptcy announcements

In light of the various reports surfacing recently about Strategy First's filing for a court-sponsored financial restructuring, we've been asked if this will effect the rollout of Vendetta Online.

The short answer is: no, we do not expect this will negatively impact our game rollout. Strategy First is our North American retail-distribution and marketing partner only. We are not financially dependent on them, and moreover, we will be directly handling all recurring income from the game (the $9.99 per month is billed by us). In the worst-case scenario, we will simply be limited to distributing the game online. As long as we have a sufficient subscriber base, the game will go on.

Also, for what it's worth, Strategy First has been very supportive of our project, to date, bending over backwards to make things happen for us despite their difficult situation. Based on what we've heard from them, along with their fall game lineup, we believe they stand a great chance of recovery.

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