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Work In Progress and Pre-Orders

The In Progress page has been updated, with information on what's coming in the patch on Friday:


In other news, Vendetta Online is now available for Pre Order at EB Games and GameStop. You should be able to pre-order it in person at any EB or GameStop location, or you can order it online here:


All three platforms (Mac/Linux/Windows) do come with that version, ignore the "Platform: PC" description. We also expect EB to have it online sometime soon.

What you get by preodering:

- An extra 30 days free (60 days total, a $20 value)
- Access to the beta
- Advanced access to the final game launch. Pre-Order customers will be able to start working on their characters after the "post-beta" character wipe, but before the retail launch, giving them a head start on everyone else.
- Exclusive in-game benefits
- Printed booklet version of the Chronicles of Exile (universe backstory)
- Vendetta Online poster, featuring the launch universe map and some other cool graphics.
- Snazzy Vendetta Online box
- Undying devotion of Guild Software.

You are supposed to get a "pre-order key" from GameStop and EB after preordering. As far as we can tell, they haven't gotten this going yet. When you do, you will be able to convert a normal Beta account to a Pre-Order account (advisable for our current Beta users, or you may lose Alpha user status, etc), or create a new account, for those who are not already in the Beta. Further information will be posted for our existing Beta users, here and on the messageboard.