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GameStop and EB Pre-Orders

Pre-Orders will only be possible via the respective GameStop and EB Games websites, and not at the actual stores. Setting up a pre-order process at the brick-and-mortar retailer level was apparently not possible, due to the lead time required. Strategy First's recent press release wasn't specific about the website-only aspect, and there's been a fair amount of confusion (even for us), so we wanted to make sure and clarify this fact publicly.

EB Games doesn't have Vendetta Online in their website selection yet, so the only known pre-order available via GameStop here:


(if the link doesn't work, simply search for Vendetta Online). Also, the game will not be available for pre-order via "Apple", to correct Strategy First's earlier release.

If you are interested in purchasing the game, please consider pre-ordering. It's especially important for an MMO, as it gives us a better idea of our launch-time audience, which helps us more accurately determine the server capacity needs. Thanks.