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Vendetta Online beta 1.0.9

Bugfixes and Feature Additions:

- Fixed problem on OSX for sound cards that have hardware formats other than 2 channel stereo float format
- Fixed Options so they correctly work with the Apply button
- New players automatically receive a free ship in addition to the tutorial mission
- Removed InGame Menu (Pressing Esc now opens the Options menu and Log Off is located there.)
- Moved Quit button from station menu into Options menu
- Nonexclusive joystick capture that will hopefully fix the problem with people losing joystick support mid-game
- /charinfo gives more information on floating crates
- %target% doesn't include guild tag anymore
- "Arcade" mode is now labeled as Flight-Assist mode and is a checkbox in the Input Menu
- Chatmode is saved to config.ini file on a per character basis (whether sector or channel chat is active)
- More info in the station menu for various items
- Moved cargo capacity and hitpoints into scroll region in ship select/buy menu in station
- More error msgs when playlist fails to load
- Bot death message is only relayed to killer instead of everyone in the sector
- Station is rendered in the background of the station menu
- Start menu doesn't slide in anymore
- Pressing enter after typing password now automatically logs you into the game
- User-definable chat colors by manually adding settings to config.ini
- Capture the Cargo is in place, convoys carrying rare trade goods travel from stations in unclaimed space to stations in Itani and Serco territory. Players can listen in on channels 201 and 202 (for Itani and Serco, respectively) for messages about transport departures and arrivals. Whichever nation achieves more cargo deliveries in a week's time will be able to produce a special piece of equipment at its stations. UIT players receive large bonuses for helping one side or the other.
- Cargo now has weight, some items have a greater volume. Ships generally have more cargo space and reduced mass, allowing for the variants to be slightly more distinctive. Economy has been tweaked to reflect changes in cargo capacity.
- Jettisoned cargo containers now contain groups of cargo instead of one item per box.
- Updated tutorial with some new information and bug fixes
- Station guards and strike team pilots have been given unique names
- License tests now show up only when you're eligible for a level, and you can pay for your different licenses independently.
- New version of the Advanced Combat Training mission, available in single player or group variants. Should be less frustrating. Also, single-player variant doesn't abort on logoff.
- Basic Combat Training now only available until level three, gives a more even curve of rewards for killing bots. Doesn't abort on logoff.
- Border war now available as a group mission.
- Players who have received five "good" ratings for mentoring will get a 5% discount at their nation's stations.
- New tips on loading screen. (needs to be centered)
- Improved some background graphics and lighting (most notably in Sedina)