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Game Support and Other Issues

[ NOTE - In Progress has been updated: http://www.vendetta-online.com/h/work.html ]

If you have a problem with the game, especially a bug, the very best thing to do is log into this website and post to the messageboard (there are forums for Windows, Linux and OS X problems, as well as the general and bugs forums). That way, other users with the same problem can help out with the issues, there's a record of how to solve the problems available to everyone, and we get a better idea of how many people are having the problem. If you do post a bug, please include details about your system configuration.

For billing and other account problems, please email "billing at vendetta-online dot com" or "support at vendetta-online dot com".

North American customers may also call Strategy First for support at (514)844-2433, but be advised that we are still in the process of training their support staff.

There are only four of us in this company (Guild Software, we make this game), but we make every effort to respond to support email and postings as quickly as possible, usually within a couple of hours. This might not be up to par with some of the bigger companies, but on the other hand, here you're actually getting a response directly from the developers.. so if something needs fixing, it'll get done right away ;).

Thanks much, we hope you're all enjoying the game.