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Vendetta Online 1.1.3 Released

New feature release version including the Mining System. Equip your ship with mining beam, scan for different types of minerals and ores, and sell the results of your efforts. This includes a new skill tree and a variety of new addons. The basic functionality is covered in an updated section of the manual:

[ http://www.vendetta-online.com/manual/gam_mining.html ]

Which we recommend reading. Also a host of other changes in this release, some requested, some bugfixes. Damaged ships are now auto-repaired on docking, and no longer require explicit repairs. License tests are now both free and automatic, once you reach the necessary skill level you are given the associated License. AI for bots and NPCs has been dramatically improved, and the bots may need to be nerfed a bit now. Many other changes and bugfixes, big and small, can be viewed in the MOTD on game startup.