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Vendetta Test 1.1.5 released

This version adds a number of features and fixes a variety of problems. For a specific list, see the Vendetta Updater MOTD (Message Of The Day) printed on game startup. Significant additions include..

New Accomplishment medals and bonuses for achieving them: A variety of new medals have been added, for everything from certain numbers of PvP kills to prospecting successes. These accomplishments often unlock new bonus items (ships, equipment) relevant to the type of accomplishment. The medals can be viewed in the Character information panel in stations, or by hitting the "k" key in flight. Medals are temporarily unable to be selected to display more information about them, but this feature will be returning shortly.

Channel 11 is a temporary Nation Chat channel. All chat on this channel may only be viewed by members of your nation.

Bounty System: This patch marks the first introduction of the bounty system, specifically the Legal Bounty System. This is roughly half of the planned bounty system, the second half being an "assasination" driven Illegal Bounty System. The two are interlinked and are intended to suit different purposes. Important points about the Legal Bounty System now in place:

Bounties can be placed by Nations, Corporations and Individuals. Nations and Corporations may either (or both) place bounties on people who act against their interests. In all cases, a bounty placed through the auspices of a national bounty system may only be placed on someone who is Kill On Sight with that nation. Aside from this, the Nations and Corporations also have additional requirements for the placing of a bounty. Individuals who wish to place bounties must, at present, pay at least $1 million credits.

Bounties may be taken by anyone with a Bounty Hunter License, which may be acquired from the local Marshal NPC in the various Capital sectors. A Bounty Hunter License requires Combat, Heavy and Light weapons license levels of 4 or greater, as well as a one-time fee of $50,000c. Once the Hunter license is acquired, any person with a Bounty on their head may be attacked. Dispatching them successfully will result in the reward being instantly transferred to the Hunter's account.

IMPORTANT FACT: Having a bounty placed on your head, and being killed by a character with the Hunter license, will result in a 5 percent loss of skill in all areas (Combat, Light Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Mining, and so on). Again, being the "victim" of a successful bounty will lose you 5% across all skill types.

Once a user is killed from a bounty situation, there will be a temporary moratorium on further bounties on that character. Additionally, bounties can also be "bought out", but doing so places stringent requirements on the activities of the character buying out their bounty, specifically related to the space of the affiliated Nation, and any actions against citizens of that Nation.

A full and complete description of this half of the bounty system, along with its interworkings, will be added to the Manual in the near future (this weekend). The second half of the system (assasinations) will debut in coming weeks. The next update will focus mainly on gameplay rebalancing and tweaking of existing game content.