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Vendetta Online 1.1.8

A new version debuts the new trading mission system and a few other features. This is not a major ship/weapon balancing update, but it does feature a few changes (Mining Marauder has been nerfed somewhat, a few other things). A more comprehensive balance update will be forthcoming later this week.

Changes from 1.1.7:
- Mining bots mine asteroids closer to the center of the sector so they are easier to find
- Increased rewards of prospecting mission
- New trade mission available for testing
- Added accomplishment for killing/damaging 10 queens
- Guild commanders can vote out a lientenant.
- Bots use new path-finding system (not perfect, but an improvement over no path planning whatsoever)
- Added hyphen in sector names in log menu and elsewhere
- Junkyard mission requires slightly fewer crates now
- Fixed MacOS X bug when going from fullscreen to window mode of a different resolution
- Worked around Linux X.org XF86VidModeExtension problem when windowmode=1
- Queens give XP now
- Fixed some typos
- Waste handling bot mission (spy 2 mission) has 30 minute timeout again
- Balanced some ship and weapon stats