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Vendetta Online

This version includes some bugfixes, changes and game balance alterations. The new trade mission has been adjusted and bugfixed a little, and faction increases are now 60% of what they have been. Negative-faction warning messages are now displayed more obviously in the center of the HUD, as are a few other messages. Anyone who attacks you is auto-marked as red on the HUD radar. Other radar adjustments are in the works.

The Ragnarok has joined the family of rebalanced heavy ships, along with the Atlas. The Prometheus and Centaur have also been adjusted somewhat. The SkyCommand is the least changed, but overall thrust has been dropped from 680 to 640 and armor dropped from 22000 to 21000, turbo energy usage dropped from 65 to 60. The lesser Proms have been brought more in line under their big brother. The Centaur has been adjusted to handle a bit less like a Big Scary Fighter, but there is still a special UIT-faction variant (the Centaur Aggresso) which retains some of the battleworthy handling. An attempt was made to keep the Atlas feeling more or less like it always has, although with increased mass/thrust to help offset heavy loadouts. Further testing and refinment may be necessary, however.

The fighters have been lightly touched. The Corvus Vulturius may now prove a little more useful in the battlefield, but without its record-breaking top speed. The Serco Guardian Vulture has also had its thrust slightly improved and the turbo energy usage dropped to more firmly match the Rev C Centurion.

Other balance releases will be forthcoming this week, to futher tweak these changes, along with updating the Wraith, Hornet and other ships. Then the Large-port weapons will be reworked (all weapons, but with a focus on the Large ones) to add a few more interesting types and rebalance their masses to favor those heavier ships capable of dealing with such a loadout.

As always, constructive criticism on the messageboard is welcome. With luck, we should be through this major phase of ship rebalance by early February. Thanks for your patience, and have fun!