Vendetta Online™ iOS Beta-Test Signup

Vendetta Online enhancements for iOS are coming soon, if you would like early access, along with the opportunity to help us track down problems and make the final release as bug-free as possible, please sign up below.

Yes, there is already a launched iPad version of Vendetta Online, but these next versions represent major updates that require significant additional testing to be sure we ship the best possible game.

We are accepting a limited number of testers, so sign up as soon as possible.

You must own an iPad running at least iOS 7 or later, and we would prefer testers who have iPhones or iPod Touch as well (also iOS 7 or later). Initial testing will be purely for the iPad, later testing may involve both iPhones and iPad. Bonus points if you have an iOS-compatible Bluetooth gamepad.

By Subscribing below, you agree to hold confidential all your experiences related to this beta testing process. You will not write, blog, video or otherwise broadcast or make known anything related to your beta-test gameplay experiences, either during or after the testing has completed.

(We will not sell or distribute your email address or other information, we will adhere to the same privacy policy that we use for Vendetta Online).

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