Foreword for New Users

This game is a little different from most. For one thing, it will never be "finished". Guild Software, the four people who made this game, hope to continue building onto it, and adding new gameplay and content for many years to come. Patches with new content are released as often as once a week, less frequently for major features. All the new features come free with your subscription; there are no plans to charge for new content (addon packs). There will be benefits for players who have maintained accounts for longer (special equipment and options for "veteran players" each time new content is added).

Secondly, this is a game where the community plays an important part in the ongoing creation of the game. If you have an idea, please post it to the Suggestions forum on the Vendetta Online Messageboard. Changes to the game are avidly debated there, both by the userbase and the developers. It is not uncommon for good suggestions to appear in the next patch, in only a few days. Some ideas are more difficult and involved to implement than others, and some will not be agreeable to the developers, but all suggestions are welcome (and read).

So, if something about the game makes you unhappy, come up with a way to solve it, and post it. Or, if you wish for a certain Coolest Feature, then come up with how you would like to see that implemented, and suggest it. Clear, concisely worded suggestions are recommended. You, as the gamer, play an important part in making this game better for everyone. No one is in a better position to determine what's good and what needs improvement. So please, be an active, positive, contributing member of the community.

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