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Upcoming Events:

While the event dates have not yet been scheduled, there will be several in November, related to upcoming gameplay changes (discussed below). A whole new suite of "event tools" has also been created for use by developers, guides, and eventually any player-volunteer who chooses to schedule the usage of a particular sector. Watch the Events section of the website for the upcoming gatherings.

Lots of imminent gameplay changes!

We have a lot of significant changes and improvements due for release over the coming weeks, a few as soon as Friday November 1st. This includes:
  • An all-new model and texture set for the Vulture, intended to update the existing ship to a more modern graphical standard, including an all-new Anniversary Edition.

  • New Vulture Prototype
  • Persistent Mines: Lay mines across multiple sectors in space, making a far greater strategic impact. Players will also be able to clear minefields created by members of the same nation.

  • Expanded damage model: Ships may now have variable resistance to different damage types, including Energy Weapons, Explosions, and Collisions. This means some variants may become resistant to energy impacts, while being more susceptible to missiles or other explosion damage weapons. This feature is already implemented and in production, and will be slowly introduced in the game over the coming weeks.

  • Powercell Drain weapon types: A new type of energy weapon may drain energy from the powercell of the colliding target. This has huge ramifications for strategy and tactics in the universe, as specific powercell levels are required for both jump engines and wormhole engagement. "Drain Mines" are also likely to appear, allowing strategic mining of wormholes to prey on trade convoys, or to defensively delay pursuers from quickly following through a jump.

  • Name your Capital Ship: Long-requested, player-owned capships are getting user-assignable names. This will also eventually allow player-owned station names. Re-working the HUD to include capship name data will come a little later.

  • Persistent Capital Ships, from which captains may choose to launch and re-dock. This alone should drastically expand the role of capships in the galaxy.

  • New types and variants of Player-owned capships. These will have different properties depending on the variant.

  • More visible graphical configurability for all ships: You will be able to tell a military convoy from a trade convoy quite easily by eye, in addition to the known faction colors. Specialized fighter and capship variants will appear more genuinely unique, with further personal customization options coming down the road.

  • Trident Type S

    A Quick Recap

    The last newsletter went out earlier this year, when we had posted a number of major goals for the game, both short and long-term. We've made good on several big ones, including:

    Higher resolution nebulae and planet textures have further improved the fidelity of the game on the PC. These improvements will appear on mobile as well in the near future, along with memory optimizations for many GPUs, including the ARM Mali family (Nexus 10, etc).

    Vendetta Online for iPad was released (iPad 2 or later), to a positive response. We still intend to follow this up with support for iPhones, along with iOS-7 joystick support, but we don't expect that to launch until early next year.

    We've launched the game on OUYA and imminently on some other console-like devices. We've improved and re-worked the user interface to allow menu navigation using only a controller. Since that release, we've continued to optimize and streamline that experience, with the expectation of using similar features on future Smart TVs and other devices.

    The PC versions have now inherited all the additions created for mobile, including the initial tutorial, designed to help new people get started in the game more easily and quickly. All the tutorials now feature voiceovers as well, to reduce the amount of reading needed.

    Capship turret fixes, Shared Radar Extender fixes, and many other small gameplay tweaks have been made as we've moved forward towards our development goals. And a lot more is coming around the corner.

    More News on the Way!

    I've been making regular newsposts for the last couple of weeks, giving some insight as to what we're doing, when we expect it to arrive, and how I envision it potentially impacting the game. To read more on this, check out my posts from October 15th and October 23rd.

    You can expect more announcements as we approach the holidays, along with another newsletter. After a summer spent doing some critical "development housekeeping" we're now focused intently on making major changes and improvements to gameplay, and we hope you'll stop by to check them out. Take care, everyone.

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