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Jan 26, 2016 Michael144 link
Name :Atlas VA Variant : cargo transport/runner Faction UIT Faction
Level : ANY Level : -/-/-/4/2 Armor : 3000 Cargo : 50 Weapons : 1 turret Mass : 14000kg Length : 15m Thrust : 30 m/s Turbo Thrust Max Speed : 60 m/s Spin Torque 45 Turbo Speed : slow Turbo Energy : 50/s Mass/Thrust Ratio : ? Mass/Spin Torque Ratio : ? Cost : 75000c

***Changed ship type to atlas
***Changed ship name To Atlas VA(vernacular arranger)
***Changed cargo size to 40
***Changed lics to -/-/-/4/2
***Small mass change to 14000 kg
***added a turret but no S/L Ports

Purpose : (1) available at the lowest of end of dislike
(2)helps in lvling Fractions
(3)designed to be light
(4)a gunner can shoot some gems while you run

Sacrifices :
traded weapons for cargo space and a turret
added more money for lower lics
lesser armor for better speed
Jan 26, 2016 Death Fluffy link
Jan 26, 2016 Dr. Lecter link
That's going to be a very expensive bus for noobs to lose.
Jan 29, 2016 allan38 link
A little too much cargo capacity for a light space craft.

Atlas and Centaurs are already available at that license level. Better armor, faster, better weapons, larger cargo capacity. All for a much cheaper price.

At -/-/-/5/2 you can get a Behemoth MK I (120cu) at a Corvus stations or at -/-/-/5/- a Light Behemoth (60cu) at Aeolus stations.

Double the license levels and you can get a Maurader or a Prometheus.
Jan 29, 2016 VikingRanger link
The Tunguska mining Marauder is availabel at mining 2 and has 60 cargo space. It does require high Tunguska standing though.
Jan 29, 2016 Dr. Lecter link
(4)a gunner can shoot some gems while you run

Pirates everywhere thank you for your excellent suggestion.
Jan 29, 2016 joylessjoker link
traded weapons for cargo space and a turret

You do realize that Atlases already have a turret port??
Jan 31, 2016 Michael144 link
This will be available to low fraction personal and yes I know atlas have only one port
Feb 01, 2016 USMC link
We already have the light moth, cargo 80cu, need basic trader 3 and 300 standing for Aeolus

Faster Aeolus 300 -/-/-/5/-
15000 80 1L, 1T 28000 kg 34 m 500 N 700 N 65 m/s 19.0 Nm 175 m/s 50/s

just drop the trade level to 4, then the lite and F2P players could get it
Feb 13, 2016 Michael144 link
Sounds good! +1