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Vendetta Online 1.8.381-383

Many gameplay, VR and other small enhancements over the last few weeks. Lots more changes coming as we move towards various launches.

VO 1.8.383 included (tonight):
- Mines can no longer be dropped in No Fire Zones.
- Cargo inside of ships that are docked in the Trident's cargo will now drop when the Trident is destroyed.
- A message notification now appears on the HUD when attempting to pick up cargo but your ship's cargo hold is full.
- Fixed Marauder, Valkyrie, Prometheus rendering issues in DirectX 11 dynamic lighting mode.

VO 1.8.382 included (last week):
- Fixed chat entry while changing sectors in Simulated VR.
- Enhanced compiler optimizations for both Linux 32 and 64bit versions, potential performance benefits.
- Glibc 2.14 and Glibc++ 3.4.15 are now required for the Linux 64 version (Linux from 2012+).
- Large port on the Corvus Greyhound has been changed to a Small port (per extensive Suggestions forum thread).
- Updated Oculus Rift PC SDK to version 1.6 and included basic support for the Oculus Touch controllers.
- Improved default settings for the Oculus Rift, to enhance performance.
- Added Simulated VR support for Mac and Linux.

VO 1.8.381 included (two weeks ago):
These changes are for PC (Win/Mac/Linux) platforms only and will be released for the remaining platforms in a future update.
- Added Simulated VR Mode for Windows. The option is located in Options -> Game -> Simulated VR Mode and can be turned on or off. A restart of the game is required for the setting to take effect. When in Simulated VR Mode, use the right-mouse button to look around. When the button is released, the view snaps back to the forward direction.
- Added missing fonts: Michroma, Orbitron-Bold, Raleway-Regular.
- Default to Play-Bold if a font fails to load.
- Fixed the key/button activation of zoom.
- Fixed /fps font size.
- 'Front' and 'Rear' text should no longer appear briefly during sector transitions.
- 'Press the Activate key...' no longer appears at the wrong time when entering sectors.
- Fixed HUD chat box disappearing during jump cinematics.
- Added sector loading progress bar to first-person-cinematics HUD