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Vendetta Online 1.8.445

VO 1.8.445 includes:

- New "Sensor Notification" option in the Nearby Ships tab. If enabled it displays a notification when selectable types of ships enter your radar range. It prints the name of the character, their health level and their ship-type to your chat/console display (sometimes only the name). The notifications are bindable and can be toggled with "/sensornotify on" and "off". Custom character names may also be manually entered, using Lua-style pattern matching, to only notify on the presence of specific characters.
- Capital ship turrets have been re-configured to allow easy switching between turrets by the pilot. The currently selected target will be maintained, and turbo status is not altered by switching turrets. The command "/enterturret" can be used, with a turret number as an argument, to enter a specific turret.
- "Auto Route" option added to the Navigation menu. If enabled, it will automatically plot a navigational course to follow the currently selected target, if the target is close enough for their destination to be detected.
- Auto Jettison option has been added to the Cargo tab ("j"), allowing the automatic jettisoning of various types of cargo, which may be configured by cargo type.
- Ship tab has been added to the PDA, with only Groups enabled for editing while in-flight, at the present time. The Addons button is present, but disabled when in-flight.
- Currently selected target is now maintained when launching from a capital ship.
- Neutron MkIII blasters have been moved to Valent stations, requiring +600 standing.

A lot of changes intended to bring some of the commonly-desired "plugin" functionality into the base game client; also making the features more available to players on mobile, where player-created plugins can be challenging to install.

We intend to periodically drop in more batches of functionality like this, in the near future, as we move towards launch on Steam and elsewhere.