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Vendetta Online 1.8.458-463

E3 chaos and other distractions have deferred our recent news posts, here's a recap of the May and June releases, starting with 463 (released last night):

VO 1.8.463 includes:
- Improved XBox One S gamepad support for Android.
- Improved deadzone calculation of gamepads on Android.
- Improved UX when a gamepad is detected during play on all Android VR platforms.
- The 'A' button on gamepads and the Fire button on other joysticks can now be configured through the Options -> Keyboard menu on Android.
- Increased detail of asteroids on Oculus Go.
- Improved multi-threaded performance.
- Removed response message from group invites, to eliminate information-leak about whether a player is currently on or offline.

VO 1.8.462.2
- More updates for Oculus Go.

VO 1.8.462-462.1
- Changed the Pirate Trident drop rate of FCP and FFSA to a 50% and a 25% chance respectively.
- Added paint overlays for Pirate Trident and Assassin fighters.
- Added Camo overlays on some military-role ships.
- Added support for Oculus Go (requires Oculus Store App update).

VO 1.8.461
- Pressing Esc/Back now closes the maximized chat menu.
- Fixed specular lighting issue on cockpit for Android VR.

VO 1.8.460
- Increased capship turret firing arc to 180 degrees side to side.
- Fixed issue with capship turrets firing in the wrong direction.

VO 1.8.459
- The Corvus Greyhound Camo Edition (LTS reward) is now only available in Odia, like the other Greyhound ships.
- Fixed issue with Controls menu buttons going off the bottom of the screen on mobile.
- Fixed issue with missile-based turret weapon explosions not causing damage under certain conditions.
- Fixed sector crash under certain conditions.

VO 1.8.458
- Added support for 6DOF Daydream VR headsets.
- Fixed issue with hand controller position when looking backwards in Daydream VR.