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Vendetta Online 1.8.544

VO 1.8.544 includes:

- During the operation of the Corporate Sector Run (game event), all systems that are part of the race-course will have a minimum of a two-second jump time for all players (sectors and wormholes).
- Fixed issue where rapid succession of purchases would display incorrect cost amounts.
- Fixed issue where kills made by explosions from capships with Enduring Titles were not being recorded in their histories.
- Fixed issue where, in certain circumstances, ship skins and liveries could be improperly applied to player vessels.
- Fixed issue relating to Lite and Freemium players occasionally having improper access to capital ships with higher membership status requirements.
- Windows version now saves crash info into a separate crash.log file, instead of in the errors.log file.

The CSR jump-delay comes from a related post on Suggestions, which we're willing to try out specifically in the CSR case. We will not be rolling it out game-wide in all other cases in the immediate future, there are optimizations around load-times that we're still trying to improve. Ideally, we'd rather try and make everything fast for everyone, rather than equally slow for everyone. Still, for "racing" purposes, this is a reasonable thing to try.

Otherwise, we've had some cool developments this week, in developing new tools to help us update the UI. Part of the historical delay there has stemmed from an *incredibly* time consuming design and implementation process; suffering from a lot of cross-compatibility and platform testing problems, due to the way our UI system worked. At some point, we would get so battered by the UI system, that we were just happy it was all working, even if it was kind of ugly or dated.

Hopefully the new toolchain will help address that; it's still very early, but progress is promising.

That's all for now, please continue to post any problems on Bugs, and have a great weekend, everyone!