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Unknown System - Mining Drones

Unknown System - Mining Drones

VO is Free to Play

Vendetta Online is Free To Play, without level caps, across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and beyond, since August 2020. Download Today.

Sammic Ore

A new Ore, named Sammic, has been discovered in the Unknown System. It has a very high mass, and is quite rare.

The dangers of the Unknown System makes Sammic that much more challenging to extract.

Special alloys are expected to use the new ore, in the Manufacturing process, making it a valuable future commodity.

Union of Independent Territories faction logo

Deneb Teleportation

Instant, cross-galaxy transport is now possible for any member of the Serco or Itani Military, who wishes to move between Deneb and Dau.

The special missions will only transport the individual, without any ship or cargo, and includes a small cost in credits.

Capship Improvements

Trident and Goliath class vessels now include a complete sensor-suite, such as cargo (2000m), addons (2000m), asteroid temp (500m), and mineral content (500m).

Galaxy-wide "remote" commands now support the Follow and Park actions, even if the capship is not in the same sector as the Owner.

Trident - Custom Livery

Trident - Custom Livery

Cargo Tractor Beam

Small-scale ships now include an automated Tractor Beam, that helps to draw in any nearby cargo within a short distance (8 meters).

This is intended to help serve new players who are still learning to fly, and sometimes struggle to pick up items.

The feature will likely continue to evolve. For now, it operates on all cargo that is not Scrap, or it can be disabled entirely.

In the future it may include the ability to specify particular classes of cargo the player wishes to target.


Email-based Notifications are now an option, improving a couple of areas of gameplay.

Instant Notifications may be used for Territorial Conquest, such as Stations, by entering an Instant Notification address under Account Info on the website. Players are notified of attacks against stations where they hold an Owner key. A mobile provider's Email-to-SMS address could be used by those desiring more immediate awareness.

Guild Notifications will inform the Council of a given Guild that a topic has been put up for Vote. Only the first Vote of a given month will result in an email Notification. Players may opt-out if they choose.

Guild Changes

Guild Commanders may now directly add and remove Lieutenants, without Council voting, using the new "promote" and "demote" commands.

Guild Voting has been streamlined and improved:

  • A Guild voting Topic lasts two weeks from the moment of the first vote.
  • After the two weeks, the entire Topic expires, along with all related votes.
  • Guild Votes now persist across Server Restarts.
  • Guild Council are notified of new Voting Topics on login or station-docking.
  • Guild Council may see a display of Active Topics, with total votes for/against, options or status, and the expiration of the topics.

Player Reputation

Factional Self-Defense timers are now counted in Game Time (time logged-in) instead of Wall-Clock time.

Basically, this means that players are able to respond to aggression from other players for the entire intended period, regardless of whether the attacking player logs off and back on again.

As always, caution is advisable when using self-defense in Factional space, as stray fire may hit an unintended target, and result in major loss of Standing.

Gamepads & Joysticks

iOS Devices are now able to correctly save changes to Button and Axis definitions.

On all platforms, Joystick binds will now correctly update in the Calibration menu, when updated from the Gamepad menu.

Android Gamepad

Localization, Menus

Localization and UI development, mentioned in the last Newsletter, is still on-going.

Specifically, we're re-working the entire new user experience, menus, and other systems, which have to be completed before we can translate anything.

This is a major project and should be expected to take some time. But we're still enthusiastic about the internal progress.

List of Upcoming Events:

  • June 17th, 21:00 UTC (4pm Central) - Corporate Sector Run
  • June 24th, 21:00 UTC (4pm Central) - Corporate Sector Run
(See Facebook for more Event details)

Update History

Here's a recap of other updates, since the last Newsletter. As usual, this doesn't really represent "everything we've been doing", but it shows some of the player-visible changes that have been made, along with a few additional details about items listed above:

  • Screamer Rocket energy firing requirements dropped from 30 to zero.
  • Flechette cannons reduced in mass from 600kg to 500kg.
  • Firefly homing missile ammo buffed from 6 to 12, and speed from 75 to 95 m/s.
  • CSR race results now includes the ship type.
  • Best Prices info is now updated immediately when a player launches from a capship.
  • Non-UIT stations in UIT space are no longer listed in the Galactic Best Prices if you are hated or KOS by the UIT.
  • Experimental simplifying of first-time character creation for Android, automatically choosing name and nation selection. Additional characters may be created with full manual control.
  • Improved login performance across all devices. Further improvements are coming.

..And many other changes.

Station - Dynamic Lighting

Download the Game

You can install the game client for Android, iPhone and iPad, Samsung GearVR and Oculus Go, Google Daydream VR, as well as find the game on the Mac Store. Or, you can directly download the game installation for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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