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New ships and content coming to Vendetta Online!

The new Goliath-class Light Freighter, pictured above, is one of several pieces of content we've been developing in the background over the past few months. Occupying a new place as a fully dockable capship that's smaller than a Trident-class vessel, but considerably larger than a Behemoth, we expect this to fill a variety of roles throughout the galaxy.

This will be a capship available for player ownership, although there will still be some development time before it appears. The Goliath class will probably first debut as a part of general convoy traffic, with complete specifications and requirements coming at a later point.

New Trident-class variants, like the long-awaited Type S and Type P, should still be expected, and are not affected by the debut of the Goliath class. Instead, one can look at this as a trend towards having more types of ships in the future, as well as updated designs and graphics overall. This has been a long-planned part of the march towards VO 2.0, and one we're happy to see taking shape.

New Trident Liveries and other features have also been in the works for some time. These will hopefully add greater variety to galaxy, while giving captains new ways to make their vessels stand out.

VR development is still in process, and we appreciate the feedback and help we've received from our VO testers on both the Rift and the GearVR. Related announcements should be happening in the near future.

We put a lot of effort into server optimization, over the summer, with the specific goal of enabling much larger battles and making them a more common occurance in the galaxy. If you're interested in helping us test this, please consider stopping by:

Weds, October 12th, at 23:00 GMT (6pm Central) - Large Grayspace Battle Test

Stay Tuned

Another Newsletter will be coming later this month, after a few more announcements have been made. At that point, we'll be doing a full recap of everything that's changed since April (a lot!), along with our specific goals for the future.

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