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Trade Convoy docking

Reminder: Uncapped Freemium Play on All Platforms

Vendetta Online is Free To Play across all platforms, including PC, since August 2020.

Returning Veterans will also find a number of recent improvements, making it easier to manage legacy station inventories without subscribing, even while retaining their "dormant" Capital Ships.

Enduring Content

Enduring Content is the name of a new type of player content ownership available in Vendetta Online, which will be expanded and refined over time.

Trident Capital Ships are the first test-case for Enduring state, allowing the owner of a "generic" Trident to generate an Enduring Title. This Title makes the ship a completely unique construct within the game universe, and allows an on-going of record of ownership, statistics, and major events where the ship participated. This Title can then be traded between players, allowing the capital ship to gain "fame" over time.

For example, a ship might be owned by a series of famous players, participate in major turning-point game events, and increase in perceived value. A limited number of statistics and event types are currently written to an Enduring ship's history, but these will continue to be expanded as time goes on.

Google Chromebook

Chromebook Support, Android Mouse Capture

Chromebooks are now supported by Vendetta Online, including proper "FPS-style" mouse capture. Chromebooks have long been a challenge for us, due both to their variety of configurations, as well as some technical limitations in the Play Store. But, we've now launched support, both for Chromebooks, as well as generalized Android "FPS style" mouse capture.

FPS-style mouse capture basically means that the view or control actively tracks the mouse, as on a PC; as opposed to the mouse behaving as a "virtual finger touch", which is the Android default.

This style of mouse input should now be available on all devices with support for Android 8.x or later, including set-top boxes, development boards and Smart TVs.

This is a new feature, so please report any issues on the Bugs forum of the game website.

Trade Convoys and the Economy

Trade convoys have seen a massive increase in activity, due to changes over the last couple of months. This all relates to the new "Latos" dynamic economy, which is maintained and balanced by a mixture of Player and NPC convoys, who are all genuinely responding to inventory fluctuations in various stations.

Galaxy-wide convoy counts have gone up from roughly 650-per-day to around 16,000-per-day, resulting in a great deal more visible traffic in the game universe, along with more targets for piracy and the like. Changes will continue, as tweaks to the new economy are on-going, but increased convoy activity is likely to persist.

Player trading is also made a bit easier, by the availability of galaxy-wide "Best Pricing" for the contents of a ship's inventory. This shows the most profitable trade locations across the galaxy, based on the individual player's faction standings. This feature has long been available on a system-wide basis, but now is expanded to include the entire game universe.

Future trade improvements are planned along the same lines, streamlining awareness of new trade routes, as they are likely to be much less predictable than in the past.

New Drops, Changes

Rarified Heliocene Alloy is a new rare drop available from certain NPCs in the Unknown System. It is needed to create an Enduring Title.

The Buddy Menu now allows people to tweak whether friends can see their online status via the Active Players webpage.

Text To Speech is now available on the PC, allowing mission text to be an automated "voiceover". This will factor more commonly into gameplay and design in the future, across all platforms.

Goliath grid power has been increased from 55 to 58, making a few more weapon and turret options available, per a Suggestions Forum thread.

Veteran Subscribers switching to Freemium now have simplified management of Station Storage and "dormant" capships:

  • Players are always allowed to switch to a ship they have in storage, even if there's not enough storage space available.
  • Players can always purchase a small ship if they don't have any at their current location.
  • Players can now activate their capship even if they can't launch with it due to subscription restrictions. This allows the player to remove items from the ship's inventory.

Other Announcements Coming..

Some meaningful content updates should be appearing this Holiday season.

Significant changes coming around the universe, the economy, and other areas that should be pretty clearly indicated from our progress over the past year.

Immediate-term changes are also focused around updating the "new user experience", and making the game a bit more polished and friendly to new players, across all platforms. This is also related to why we're releasing support for Chromebooks, updating the website, and fixing other situations where we currently have new-user-confusion.

Server-side Game Stability, Scale and Performance has been a major focus this year, which is never the most exciting thing for players, but we have drastically improved things. That should be self-evident from ~16,000 convoys per day that are docking successfully (not something that we would have attempted in, say, mid-2019).

List of Upcoming Events:

  • November 29th, 3pm Central (11/29 @21:00 UTC) - Flag Battle #7 (Dev)
  • November 28th, 3pm Central (11/28 @21:00 UTC) - Corporate Sector Run
  • November 21st, 6pm Central (11/22 @00:00 UTC) - Bus Furball
  • November 21st, 3pm Central (11/21 @21:00 UTC) - Corporate Sector Run
(See Facebook for more Event details)

Update History

Here's a recap of other updates, since the last Newsletter. As usual, this doesn't really represent "everything we've been doing", but it shows some of the player-visible changes that have been made, along with a few additional details about items listed above:

  • Added Corporate Sector Run Leaderboard to in-game news and the website. These race stats and features will be expanded, in the future.
  • Fixed an issue where capship hangars and turret lists were occasionally appearing empty, even when they were not.
  • Station Guards in the Conquerable station sectors should no longer report the station is under attack if they ram into asteroids.
  • Asteroid temperatures over 10,000 K are now reset to 10,000 K when the sector reloads.
  • Fixed issue with capship speed and energy being displayed as zero in the HUD if the capship is renamed while in space.
  • Added ability to continue a mission with the Activate action if the mission is waiting at a 'Continue' prompt.
  • Fixed issue with rocket/missile turrets not dealing damage if the player who fired them launched from the capship before they explode.
  • Unaligned Pirate capital ships should no longer follow players into deep space.
  • Fixed "Daily Trade Report" not being properly posted in-game.
  • Fixed issue with spawning a persistent ship for a player, if a sector lags and the player relogs into a new instance of the sector.
  • Improved account-creation flow on the website, made it more friendly to phones.
  • Reduced memory and CPU usage of Kourier subsystem.
  • Text-To-Speech feature added for PC platforms. It can be muted in Options -> Audio -> Mission Text To Speech volume.
  • Goliath Powercell grid power increased from 55 to 58, per Suggestions thread.
  • Added 'Clear A Bind' button to Keyboard menu, so keys and commands can be unbound from each other.
  • Efficiency and performance improvements to server-side economy and NPC management systems.
  • Missions may now filter availability on whether a station has Capship docking bays.
  • Enduring History is now displayed in the information panel in the Inventory menu.
  • Added options in the Buddy Menu allowing the player to toggle whether buddies can see their Online status on their Active Players web page.
  • Fixed incorrect stacking of items in the Inventory menu when sorting by Type.
  • Fixed issue with Strike Force deciding to leave instead of attack.
  • Fixed issue with NPCs ending their pursuit when you enter a player-owned capship.
  • New Enduring Content mission, for Trident owners.
  • Capships can now be renamed when docked.
  • Fixed issue with empty Deneb Skirmishes.
  • Buy-back cost now displays Crystal cost with the Credit cost.
  • Fixed issue with the Prediction Monitoring system being triggered when jumping/warping.
  • Added recurring Lite membership billing options to the Billing page of the web site.
  • Added 12 and 24 month Lite membership Gift Keys to the Billing page of the web site.
  • System best prices now include Galactic best prices and no longer include stations the player can't dock with. The profit/loss replaced the cost. The location is now a shortcut to that system's navmap.
  • Additional trade items updated to have "Locally Produced" locations in Nation space, allowing proper fulfillment in the new Latos economy.
  • Latos economy is now updating and engaging traders more often, both players and NPCs. This may result in an increase in missions and convoy traffic.
  • Fixed issue with ships spinning around and then popping back into position.
  • Trade Guild Procurement and Retrieve missions no longer ask for items that the local station has available for sale.
  • Continued adjustment to the generation of Crystal (from XP, in this case). This process will be on-going as we evaluate different models.

..And many other changes.

Download the Game

You can install the game client for Android, iPhone and iPad, Samsung GearVR and Oculus Go, Google Daydream VR, as well as find the game on the Mac Store. Or, you can directly download the game installation for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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