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Constellation Hulk in Latos D-14

Constellation Hulk in Latos D-14

Vendetta Online has been Free To Play, without level caps, across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, since August 2020. Download Today.

List of Upcoming Events:

  • November 23rd, 3pm CST - Hive Chrysalis
  • November 26th, 2pm CST - Nation War 581
  • November 27th, 7pm CST - Starship Defense
  • November 29th, 2pm CST - 2v2 Vulture Duels
  • December 3rd, 2pm CST - Nation War 582
  • December 4th, 7pm CST - Starship Defense
  • December 9th, 9pm CST - VaultRaid
  • December 23rd, 9pm CST - VaultRaid
  • December 27th, 7pm CST - Supercharged Queen Hunt
(See Discord for Details)


New Missions

One Hundred and Sixty-Three new missions (163) have been custom-built from scratch, since the last Newsletter.

These stories play out as expanding trees, opening up new content as you pass existing missions and improve relationships with the game's characters.

Many of these new missions are also being natively localized into additional languages, although the Locale support is still in "beta" and on-going.

Many, Many Game Changes

There have been a lot of updates this year, and even more "behind the scenes", so please bear with the Newsletter being a little long. Even cropping down the list to hit the high-spots, there are a lot of things that people will probably care about..

General Gameplay

  • Increased group size limit to 16.
  • Added /remove_mines command to passively remove your own mines.
  • Navroutes are now automatically plotted around systems that are Hated/KoS when possible.
  • New /selfdefensetime command shows the status of your self defense timers, within radar range.
  • Changes to Strike Force AI, mitigating usage of TempKoS to attack adversaries.
  • PowerCell Blasters are now considered hostile weapons, and will trigger No Fire Zone responses and aggro NPCs.
  • A player forfeits their active duel if they fly into a NFZ, and cannot challenge or accept a duel while inside a NFZ.
  • Daily Trade Report now reports most profitable trade routes for the non-Latos economy.

HUD and Combat

  • Weapon cooldown indicator bars on the HUD addon icons, or turret HUD.
  • Added UI settings to set the name of players under their ships on the HUD.
  • PowerCell Blaster auto-aim has been reduced slightly, mass increased, shot and hit effects now pink.
  • Capital Rail Cannon Turret weapon fire is now displayed on the radar as yellow blips.
  • HUD leadoff indicators now match the color of the weapon group.
  • The /ViewToggle command now accepts an optional view mode parameter. 1 is first-person, 2 is third-person.

Player-Owned Content and Guilds

  • Multiple recipients can now be selected from group/sector lists when giving Access Keys.
  • Giving/taking access keys now always reports the same thing whether or not the character exists.
  • Added history logs to Access Keys, recording who gave/revoked keys and changed access rights.
  • Enduring Titles now record player-owned capship kills in the history, if the Enduring ship owner is nearby.
  • Players can now scan their own capships from any distance within the same sector.
  • Player-owned capships now report when and why they stopped mining.
  • Player-owned capships now stop mining when the asteroid temperature reaches 10,000 K or the owner leaves the sector.
  • Player-owned capships now try to avoid hostile systems when "following" their owner.
  • Player-owned capships commanded to "follow" now report the next two systems they will go through.
  • Player-owned capships now have their faction standings immediately updated when the owner's faction standings change.
  • The /+ActivateTurrets command will now auto-fire charge-based weapons (for example, Repair Turret) when the weapon becomes fully charged.
  • Remote capship health is now updated when being repaired.
  • Added /enableturret and /disableturret commands.
  • When a player targeted with homing missiles docks to any capship to which they possess a key or own, the missiles will re-target to the capship.
  • Station Defense NPCs now leave the sector and new ones are launched when a station is conquered.
  • Improved notification of impending guild disbandments.
  • Mission Changes

  • Missions that can only be taken once every 24 hours have been changed to once every 22 hours.
  • All players can now dock with the capships that are a part of their Hive or Border Skirmish mission.
  • Advanced Combat Training group mission now reduces the number of NPC adversaries when a player leaves the group.
  • Whomever does the most damage to an NPC in Border and Hive skirmishes is now awarded the kill.
  • Players who registered for the Corporate Sector Run and leave the sector or log out early can now re-register.
  • Taking an Escort mission and doing substantial damage to your own convoy, or draining significant energy with a PCB, will result in the Escort mission Failing and the convoy treating the player as an enemy.
  • Platform Changes

  • New touch control options, allowing Tilt for throttle, Vertical strafe on left, etc.
  • Linux now defaults to GL4 (Vulkan is in testing, but not yet as default).
  • 64bit Linux launcher now supports and requires GTK3.
  • Linux has improved XRandR display and initial resolution detection.
  • Linux version now has calibration curve options for each arbitrary joystick axes.
  • New Lua runtime on all platforms, improved plugin and UI performance.
  • Fundamentally new install architecture, first on Android, but coming to other platforms.
  • Server, On-Going Changes

    While the list above might seem significant, it is dwarfed by the amount of major work that has been on-going on the game behind the scenes.

    Most of this effort has not yet been released. Some has been "announced" but is still unfinished, like the total-redux of the game UI, or the translation into many additional languages.

    Other areas have not yet even been announced yet, and will hopefully start to become more visible in the new year. There is a thread at the top of the Suggestions Forum with some general goals.

    To put it simply Vendetta Online is undergoing what is likely the most substantial set of changes in its entire twenty-plus-year live-game history.

    Maintaining a live-service game, and keeping things stable, while also engaging in major software re-writes, has a lot of challenges. So, we ask for your continued patience in the meantime.

    We are very optimistic about where things are headed.

    Station - Dynamic Lighting

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