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Limited Time Holiday Sale

We're giving you a special sale code, usable on Game Keys as well as some cool new Ship Liveries, such as the Trident below. Use the code HOLIDAY17 to get 15% off through December 10th.

Both are linked from the Billing page. Thanks for supporting VO's development.

Purchasable Trident Livery

New Warthog

The much-beloved Warthog-class fighter has been ready for an update for some time, and here it is, maintaining the classic look with drastically increased detail, polygon count and texture resolution, as well as modern shader support. It's ready to blast rocket-fueled hell into the heart of all who oppose it.

New Warthog design

Gameplay Changes

Recent weeks have seen the debut of a major new weapon, plus a lot of tweaks to existing addons and other features, including:

  • New Weapon: Capital Rail Cannon, 10k damage, 25 grid power, 25,000Kg.
  • Capital Swarm Missile damage increased from 850 to 3000, missile timeout increased from 25 to 30 seconds.
  • Improvements to the behaviour of NPCs who are defending others.
  • Screamer Rocket energy requirement dropped from 60 to 30.
  • Warthog MkII is now available at Sedina D-14.
  • Fog has been removed from Sedina H9.

Beyond gameplay, we've also seen the debut of usability improvements for Mac players, as well as higher definition textures and shaders for all PC platforms.

Upcoming Events

There are some cool Events on the calendar, and a lot more being added in the near future. Keep an eye out for:

  • December 10th at 4pm Central (10th at 22:00:00 GMT) - Nation War #455, in Sedina. Facebook Signup.
  • December 26th at 6pm Central (27th at 00:00:00 GMT) - TeamDX #17, in Latos.
  • December 29th at 8pm Central (30th at 02:00:00 GMT) - Corvus Mineral Research 5, in Sedina D-14.

Vote for Vendetta Online for Indie of the Year

IndieDB's annual competition for Indie of the Year is live, and you can vote for Vendetta Online by visiting our IndieDB page and clicking the button (no registration or other annoyances required).

If we officially (and legitimately) win Indie of the Year for 2017, we will pull out all the stops to create a moving, hidden station for smugglers and pirates (Tortuga!), and we'll roll it out before the end of January 2018.

Mac Store, GearVR, Daydream VR

VO should launch on the Mac Store in the near future, as well as see some major updates for Daydream VR and GearVR. Keep an eye out for these changes.

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