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Constellation Hulk in Latos D-14

Happy Holidays!

Reminder: Vendetta Online is Free To Play across all platforms, including PC, since August 2020.

We hope you'll stop by during the Holiday Season to say "hi" and reconnect with old friends.

New Capship Commands

Player Owned Capital Ships have long had the ability to remotely be controlled via commands sent by their captains. However, these commands were limited to the very simple options of "follow" and "park".

Remote Capship commands have now been drastically expanded, to include combat, defense, patrolling, mining and docking preparation. Player Trident and Goliath class vessels can now be commanded to remotely mine a particular asteroid, or defend a specific character, or various other options.

The current implementation still has some limitations, but these are expected to expand over time, and Suggestions Forum feedback is always welcome.

These enhancements are likely to become more relevant with future content coming to the Unknown System and other, dangerous locales.

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Capital Ship Hulks, Debris

Most Capital Ships, both NPCs and players, will now leave behind a damaged "hulk" object, along with a random smattering of debris, when they are destroyed, anywhere in the galaxy. These hulks and debris currently persist for 24 hours.

The intent here is to create an increased awareness of recent battles, passing through a sector and seeing the burned-out remains of a trade convoy, or perhaps a friend's vessel.

In the long run these debris are likely to contain resources, clues and other gameplay. Scavengers might extract ores and minerals from discarded plating. Others might try to fix up damaged capship components. Nations might hire pilots to locate the remains of lost convoys, and recover their ships logs.

Major Battles in Deneb also look considerably more intense, with the shattered remanents of scores of ships attesting to the lives lost in pursuit of conquest.

Faction Changes, TempKoS

Based on player feedback from Suggestions, we've implemented a number of significant changes to the "Temporary Kill On Sight" system, to enhance mitigation of repeated griefing or problematic PvP around the No Fire Zones of stations:

Triggering of a Strike Force causes all "collateral damage" done by that Strike Force to have factional ramifications for whomever originally triggered the Strike Force, including a self defense flag against whomever triggered the Strike Force. This makes it more challenging to "use" the Strike Force response against other players, or player capital ships.

All TempKoS timers are now operating on game-time (time spent logged-in, not wall-clock time) and do not end upon death. This makes repeat offenses more difficult, and prevents users from simply logging off and returning later to avoid ramifications, as their TempKoS period will continue when they return.

Corvus Strikeforces now chase KoS players when they launch from a Corvus station. Corvus is still the "faction of last resort" if a player becomes hated by all other factions, but they will still behave in a hostile manner towards players they deem a risk to the efficient operation of their stations.

List of Upcoming Events:

  • December 26th, 4pm Central - Corporate Sector Run
  • January 2nd, 4pm Central - Corporate Sector Run
(See Facebook for more Event details)

Update History

Here's a recap of other updates, since the last Newsletter. As usual, this doesn't really represent "everything we've been doing", but it shows some of the player-visible changes that have been made, along with a few additional details about items listed above:

  • Unaligned pirate capital ships now "patrol" the debris field, instead of remaining still.
  • Blockade convoy capital ships now stay near the wormhole when the sector restarts, instead of always coming in from 5000m.
  • Ship Unequip actions now check for available storage space and prompt to rent more when necessary.
  • Added ability for players to report spybots using '/report "name" spybot'. The player being reported must be launched in space and located in the same sector as the reporter.
  • Fixed issue with certain correctly-operated player store-bots occasionally being flagged as spybots.
  • Added Function and Page Up/Down/Home/End keyboard support for Android and Chromebooks.
  • "Simulated" station-sector convoy traffic will no longer spawn while the sectors contain actual trade convoys, to avoid excessive traffic buildup.
  • Any changes to weapon groups while in flight are now applied when buying back your last ship.
  • Fixed issue with player capship turret list is sometimes being empty.
  • Fixed issue with current ship's weapon group loadout not getting saved and used when buying back your last ship.

..And many other changes.

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