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A Year of Vendetta- A quick overview of changes

May 16, 2006 sarahanne link
Ships & Equipment
-Behemoth introduced
-Behemoth heavy introduced
-Capital ships re-introduced
-Raptor (ship earned through a mission tree, not licenses)
-TPG Teradon
-Trident light Frigate
-New bus (EC-89)
-Presets for 4 favorite ship loadouts
-Destroyed ships may now drop equipment (which has, thanks to the Hive and various police/military NPCs, expanded the weapon selections a bit)
-Law neut
-Introduction of hive-posi
-Introduction of hive-AGT
-Introduction of hive-bat
-Can sell weapons to others if they have not been unloaded into a station

-Border patrol missions added
-Inteligent, cool and expanding, (AAAAAHHHHH!!!!) Hive in Sedina
-Trade convoys
-Trade convoy pirates
-NPC pirates that attack anyone and everyone in Gray Space
-Escort mission
-Guard the miners mission
-Liberation mission
-Border Skirmish mission

-New UI
-Ability to skin UI
-Ability to sell all units of an item at one time
-Ability to see universe inventory in levels
-Ability to sell ships with equiped items
-Abilty to view guild membership
-Tracking of price paid for items so you know if it will be a profit or loss
-some areas in menus respond to double clicks (like equiping weapons)
_Can read the news while in space

Guild Software
-Pathway MTU discovery added for higher end connections
-Waylon left (artisit)
-Michael/ Momerath42 hired (mission programmer)
-AI redone
-Luis/RenoTarget joins team as new artist for ships and other space junk

Player Run Events
-CLM Bus Wars
-Nation Wars
-Races: Deneb and Corporate
-Moth Demolition Derby
-Mining Events
-Dr Lecter/neural spike/trial/traitor story arc
-New guilds,some guilds have the same name but different guilding values

May 30, 2006 Person link
Jun 07, 2006 GRAIG link
Np Luis, I'm a graphic artist and I know how ppl seems to forget us each time... =p thinking the job is easy?

Keep up the good work Luis !
Jun 08, 2006 Blacklight link
Great work Guildsoftware! This is what keeps me comming back.
Jun 26, 2006 Scuba Steve 9.0 link
Hate to be picky here, but s'far as I can remember, you could always look at your universe inventory.

Also, you forgot the mission editor :x
Jul 06, 2006 Phaserlight link
You could look at your ships that you had stationed at different ports when selecting a ship but I don't think you could view equipment inventory remotely.
Jul 08, 2006 sarahanne link
Feb 22, 2007 LeberMac link
Let's update again!
Feb 24, 2007 sarahanne link
what would you like added?
Mar 23, 2007 zamzx zik link
Luis is gone.

a New topic for this year is needed, I think.
Jun 10, 2007 The Ori link
I like new topics, I vote new topic! Let the devs gloat to all who diss VO!
May 15, 2008 mr_spuck link
hey its been almost two years!
Jun 05, 2008 paedric link
What's a few years between friends? <waves>
Sep 19, 2008 EvilNine link
would love to see this updated. I haven't been paid up for a year or so and would love to hear how he game has progressed in that time.
Feb 14, 2009 Teutonic Crusader10 link
Player owned cap ships
May 18, 2009 Lord~spidey link
this needs to be updated.
May 23, 2009 roguelazer link
Might be good to copy in the last mailing-list post. :-)
Jun 04, 2010 look... no hands link
any chance this is going to be updated before the thread turns 5?
Jul 22, 2010 paedric link
And a couple more years have come and gone. **waves again**
Dec 10, 2010 LostCommander link
VO 1.8.108 - 1.8.157 (2010)
[This needed an update... The below were compiled from the Facebook feed/wall.]

*** Interface ***
- "Key" system added to manage access to user-controlled infrastructure.
- New Events and Newsposts menu shows Game Events that are scheduled.
- In statically fogged sectors, the sector list (the "u" menu) now only shows users within radar range, allowing total concealment through use of occlusion and fog.
- Combat Assist Lua plugin removed.
- Added ability to sort inventory list by item type.

*** Ships & Equipment ***
- Corvus Greyhound now features an integrated cargo scanner.
- Warthog Mineral Extractor now features an integrated Free Mineral Scanner.
- Behemoth Heavy Miner MkII now available.
- Substantial improvement of the Warthog TD.

*** Trade & Industry ***
- Conquerable stations provide "manufacturing" missions. This is the beginning of a crafting system.
- Low-priced items useful for gaining trade XP have been restored.
- More lucrative trade routes added in greysace and nation capitols.
- Sell price of items now show up as 0c if the station doesn't want to purchase those items.

*** Missions & PVE ***
- War convoys have been added which travel through greyspace to blockade the enemy nation.
- War convoy blockaders persist between server restarts.
- Escort mission rewards are proportional to the amount of time you are docked.
- More diversity added to bot drops.
- The three bot hives have been named and are starting to be diversified in terms of looks, drops, and behavior.

*** PVP ***
- Friendly-fire restrictions have been removed except for nation capitol systems.
- Dueling badges are now awarded based on Duel Rating.
- Duel rating changes are now scaling by the K-factor.
- Race track badges and credits are awarded on a monthly basis.
- Station Conquest added: destroy station defenses and dock to conquer
- Revival of the Bounty system
- Colliding with other ships will no longer cause their radar blips to change from green to red.
- All ships now use the same storm exit point (good for pirates).

*** Player Content ***
- Web page submission for player-created events.
- A variety of new missions have been added to the game, courtesy of the PCC.

*** Software ***
- Game Updater patching improved.
- Vendetta Online now works on Andriod OS with a touchscreen-specific tutorial.
- Added a frame limited to help newer hardware run cooler.
- New optimizations for Mac, Linux, and Windows.
- Optimized graphics rendering for all platforms.

*** Guild Software ***
- Demonstrated a native port of V-O with Nvidia at E3 Expo.
- Somehow made it through another year of questionable sanity; fans continue to be impressed with the present and excited about the future.