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I have found a new (but somehow familiar) enemy

Aug 06, 2017 TheRedSpy link
I am pleased to report things are going well in the star citizen universe. I have even found a source of comfort in a familiar enemy:

As you can see from their page, they are just as carebear as the Vendetta flavour. And so my mission to crush the Itani in all forms continues..

Suffer shall the Itani!
Aug 07, 2017 HighTechRedneck link
lol. Enjoying the massively epic game yet? I almost find the $100+ IRL worth it. NOW I just need a komputer to run it...
Aug 08, 2017 TheRedSpy link
I am enjoying actually getting something for money I spent in 2012, yes.
Aug 09, 2017 greenwall link
Aug 09, 2017 Pizzasgood link
Do they support Linux yet like they promised, or are they still faffing about like a bunch of retarded children who don't understand basic planning?
Aug 09, 2017 joylessjoker link
Aug 09, 2017 Pizzasgood link
Yes, I could comb through a bunch of irrelevant year old search results for anything recent about whether these massively over-funded folks have finally managed to pull off something that every shoestring budget indie developer does as a matter of course... or I could just ask the guy who's actually involved in their community and might just know offhand.
Aug 10, 2017 TheRedSpy link
No Linux support is slated for Alpha. They have just redone their distribution model now and my understanding is that Linux support wouldn't be too hard for their team to pull off if they pivoted towards it.

They are "victims" of their overfunding from a timeline perspective. Chris Roberts decided to get even more ambitious when they smashed the funding record so the game has expanded in scope, and timeline. It's in Alpha at the moment with a major release slated for September.

That release will feature most of the features that people have been looking for in VO, AI turrets for example come to mind. The game already has ship sharing, multi-crew ships etc.. So the features are all there.

The netcode is god-awful though. VO netcode has been polished to be nice and shiny, the Star Citizen Alpha netcode is where it falls over most. It's a high priority for their team.

Production roadmap:

If you look at the roadmap, you see the purple ones down the bottom are them addressing it. Most of the features on that roadmap that finish before September are actually finished, and will be released.

I think its fair to say that after 5 years of faffing around they're starting to get a move on with content.
Aug 10, 2017 Pizzasgood link
Sep 07, 2017 senako link
looks interesting
Oct 05, 2017 xperia link
Hmm, all I knew of start citizen is that it isn't a live game yet, you can only rent a ship and fly it around a arena, I musta been wrong...
Oct 15, 2017 idd link
The reason for the netcode is because for some reason Chris Roberts went for graphics instead of functionality through cryengine

Yes, it is beautiful, but the netcode for cryengine is godawful and the crytek team is essentially selling their souls for Chris Roberts to make it actually work
Oct 23, 2017 vskye link
I have tried Star Citizen, and never really played it much. I was running Windows 10, but privacy concerns led me back to Linux, plus the fall creators update seems to suck, plus they took out ReFS on a fresh install with Spaces. (keep your old burned ISO, I didn't).

Meh, ZFS works way better anyways.

I'm curious if this game will ever get released, and I'm hoping it will.. and Linux support would be awesome, but I'm not holding my breath.
Oct 25, 2017 joylessjoker link
I was running Windows 10, but privacy concerns led me back to Linux