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Oct 26, 2004 Suicidal Lemming link
Oct 26, 2004 red cactus link
Heyyy..that's good! What'd you make it in?
Oct 26, 2004 Suicidal Lemming link
Lightwave (it is what my school uses).
Oct 26, 2004 red cactus link
Lightwave. I looked into that once. It looked inferior to studio max, so therefore I left it alone 8-).
Oct 26, 2004 Tyrdium link
Try Maya if you want a really nice (and extremely expensive >.<) program... :P
Oct 27, 2004 Suicidal Lemming link
I might some day. (bless educational discounts)
Oct 27, 2004 red cactus link
Though I don't really think that advocating a product like this by saying "it's really nice" or "it kicks ass" is really that great. Each tool is for a different purpose. That's why you don't use Bryce for character development.
Oct 27, 2004 Tyrdium link
I dunno about *you*, but *my* screwdriver works just fine as a hammer! :P
Oct 28, 2004 Suicidal Lemming link
Rocks also make fine hammers, and knives can be good for screws sometimes.
Oct 28, 2004 paedric link
Butter knives make better screwdrivers than steak knives. And large(ish) box wrenches (or spanners for you Brits) make decent hammers in a pinch also.
Oct 30, 2004 Urza link
butter knives are too wide to use as screw drivers, steak knive points fit perfectly.

or you could buy a $50 swiss army knife and have EVERYTHING
Nov 01, 2004 danielky link
geez SL, your site won't load on my computer.
Nov 01, 2004 Tyrdium link
Posting here, since I don't have SL's email address on me and this is already off-topic... :P

Ummm, SL, did I just see you lock a thread in Suggestions?!?
Nov 01, 2004 paedric link
Or... You could always plunk down $5.00 and just buy a screwdriver. I've always found that steak knives are way too flimsy for use as screwdrivers.
Nov 03, 2004 UncleDave link
Cookie to anyone who finds an alternative use for a spork.

Except that, you pervert...