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Oct 05, 2009 meridian link
Here is a central repository for all the plug-ins I've created. You can find more detailed info here

HUD_messages v1.0 Last Update: 9/25/2011
Displays messages for toggling F/A, A/A, mouselook, as well as the mining beam warnings on the HUD for 2 seconds instead of displaying them in the chatbox.

IgnoreIRC v1.2 Last Update: 1/31/2016
Any messages from players over the IRC bot are not displayed if that player is on your ignore list. This plug-in has no commands.

MaxProfit v1.1 Last Update: 11/19/2011
Adds a button to the sell dialog accessed from Commerce->Commodities->Sell that finds the sell qty resulting in maximum total profit.

MfgAide v1.2 Last Update: 1/19/2013
Loads items needed for the active manufacturing mission onto your active ship. For more info do /mfg help

NavHome Last Update: 9/25/2011
Adds button to nav screen that plots a course back to your home station.

QuickReply v1.2.1 Last Update: 1/15/2011
Several binds to make it easier to send PMs
/reply_target -- send PM to current target
/reply_sector -- send PM to last person to use sector chat
/reply_channel -- send PM to last person to chat to designated channel
/recent_channel -- switches to most recent non-active channel someone has chatted to

RadarColor v0.3 Last Update 8/21/2016
Allows customization of the color, shape and size of radar blips by type.
In-game help and list of commands: /radarcolor help

RadarSwap v1.0.1 Last Update: 4/4/2015
Provides a convenient means to change the image used for the radars. Comes with a variety of ship-specific and generic radars.
In-game help and list of commands /radarswap help

ShipLoadoutsManager v1.0.7.3 Last Update: 2/7/2016
/SLM -- Opens GUI
/SLM help -- for additional commands
See Also:

SoundAlertSuite v1.1.4 Last Update: 2/7/2014
Plays a sound for various actions that occur. To open the GUI to change settings use /soundalertsuite or /SAS. Feel free to replace the sounds with your own, just be sure to keep the file names the same.

Timer v1.3.2 Last Update: 4/18/2012
In game timer to set your own countdown.
/timer set HH:MM:SS OR /timer set MM -- start timer
/timer kill -- abort timer
/timer elapsed -- display elapsed time (use timer_elapsed for binds)
/timer remaining -- display remaining time (use timer_remaining for binds)
/timer msg TEXT -- set message to display when timer completes
/timer sound on/off/toggle -- toggle sound playback when timer expires [saved to config]
See also:

TriggerColors v1.1 Last Update: 6/6/2013
Colorizes the highlights displayed around addons on the HUD to distinguish which trigger it is set to. When set to multiple triggers, the colors are blended.
Primary Trigger - Light Blue
Secondary Trigger - Magenta
Tertiary Trigger - Yellow

WeaponSafe v1.0 Last Update: 6/1/2014
Adds a /safe command that puts weapons in a safe mode where not assigned to any trigger.


ChSound v1.0 Last Update: 1/17/2010
Plays a sound whenever someone chats to the designated channel while it is not your active channel
/chsound on/off -- enable/disable plug-in [saved to config]
/chsound setch # -- to set the channel to monitor [saved to config]
/chsound setvol # -- set volume for sound (may want to raise volume when AFK) [saved to config]
/chsound test -- sound test to check playback level
See also:
OBSOLETE: Use SoundAlertSuite

PMsound v1.0 Last Update: 1/17/2010
Plays a sound when you receive a PM
/PMsound on/off -- enable/disable plug-in [saved to config]
/PMsound setvol # -- set volume for sound (may want to raise volume when AFK) [saved to config]
/PMsound test -- sound test to check playback level
See also:
OBSOLETE: Use SoundAlertSuite
Oct 05, 2009 Spedy link
Neat. I might use the whole Timer thing for testing out acceleration and such.
Cool stuffs.
Oct 05, 2009 meridian link
The Timer plug-in won't work too well for testing acceleration as there is no way to see how much time has elapsed. It's mostly useful for if you want a reminder in a given number of minutes or need to log out at a certain time. I suppose it should be possible for pirates to create a bind/alias combo to give a trader say 25 seconds to pay.

I've actually been thinking about creating something to help measure acceleration myself. I guess I'll have to add that to my todo list.
Oct 25, 2009 meridian link
Update for Timer so that you can now check time elapsed/remaining (to nearest second), so it is now viable for testing acceleration, Spedy. It will now also resume the countdown if you reload the interface or logout (and back in before it expires).

Also a small update for QuickReply to exclude yourself when replying to the last person to use sector chat or the designated channel.
Jan 17, 2010 meridian link
Minor update to ChSound and PMsound to fix bug in reading back saved config settings. I also replaced the awful sound included in the previous version (I still recommend replacing with your own sound files).

Timer now shows time down to milliseconds.
Feb 28, 2010 meridian link
Update for Timer so that "/timer elapsed" now works even after the timer has expired. If you want a timer that counts up indefinitely, you can use "/timer set 0".

Also some improvements to the way times are displayed.
Apr 01, 2010 meridian link
Update to Timer for better versatility. Time is accurate to seconds after a reload or logging in. After creating a new timer the accuracy is milliseconds.
Apr 25, 2010 meridian link
Added IgnoreIRC to selectively ignore certain players on IRC.
Apr 25, 2010 Spedy link
IRC ignore? Sweet. We need to get that one stickied somewhere :D
Jun 26, 2010 meridian link
Added SoundAlertSuite to play sounds for various in-game actions. It combines all the features of PMsound and ChSound, includes a GUI for easy setup, and adds support for some new alerts too. I whipped up a bunch of sounds for it, but I admit they aren't the best so feel free to replace them with your own.

EDIT: Added a help button (v0.2.6.1) because the plug-in is not as self-explanatory to use as I thought.
Aug 08, 2010 meridian link
Update for SoundAlertSuite to allow volume control and added new alert sound for when you score a kill.
Jan 15, 2011 meridian link
Update for QuickReply
*Bug fix for recent_channel function
*General fixes and clean-up

Update for SoundAlertSuite
*Fixed logic on alert for scoring a kill
*Added group and guild chat alerts
*2 new sounds

Fixed broken links from website overhaul
Feb 04, 2011 meridian link
Update for Timer
*Added support for multiple timers
*Added option for incremental timers that give periodic updates
*Additional sounds for incremental timers
*Timers can be displayed on group or sector chat (to coordinate bombing runs, etc.)
Feb 20, 2011 meridian link
Bugfix for Timer
*Correct time was not being calculated for /timer elapsed after the main timer expires
*Changed output text for /timer kill command to better describe what it's actually doing
*Added /timer kill bg command to only kill the background timers
Sep 17, 2011 meridian link
Update for SoundAlertSuite
*Added alert for receiving a new badge (using sound14)
*Group chat alert now defaults to sound13 (same as guild chat) -- won't have any effect on already saved configurations
Sep 25, 2011 meridian link
Added some new ones:

Adds a button to the sell dialog (the one that comes up when you click the "Sell Selected..." button on the Commerce -> Commodities -> Sell tab). It calculates the qty to sell that yields maximum total profit. Of course, for goods that you pick up in space (and thus have a purchase price of 0 cr), this new button will function identically to the existing maximum button.

Note that the search algorithm stops when it finds that increasing the qty by 1 does not increase the total profit. However, this value isn't necessary the absolute max profit.

In my test case I purchased 600 units of Bearing Grease, all 600 selling for 1,623 credits profit. The max qty selected by the plug-in was 344 units for 2,014 credits profit. The true max occurs at 364 units for 2,022 credits profit. Do you really want to sell an extra 20 units for just 6 more credits?

It would be easy enough to modify the code to increase the qty until the total profit drops, but I think I prefer the current algorithm. Then again, I'm not much of a trader. I am open to discussion on the matter, but ultimately I only want to have one version of the plug-in.

This was code provided by Mick at my request to add a button on the nav screen that plots a course to your home station. I made a few modifications so that it also works while docked in a station or capship, as well as adding a hot key and actually packaging it in plug-in form. The original thread can be found here:

I never intended to release this plug-in publicly, but after seeing how much I missed having this plug-in while playing on a copy of VO that didn't have it installed, I figure other people may find it useful too.

What it does is intercept certain messages (toggling F/A, A/A, mouselook, as well as the mining beam warnings) that would have been displayed in the chatbox and displays them for 2 seconds on the HUD instead. I haven't written a fancy GUI for it, so if you want to modify which messages it intercepts, you'll have to edit the code yourself.
Nov 19, 2011 meridian link
[NEW] TriggerColors v1.0

This plug-in adds new colors for the highlights around addons displayed on the HUD to distinguish which trigger it is set to. When set to multiple triggers, the lowest one takes priority.

Primary Trigger - Light Blue (unchanged)
Secondary Trigger - Purple
Tertiary Trigger - Yellow

[UPDATE] SoundAlertSuite v1.1

*Added sounds 15-18
*Added flash alerts
*Option to reset to default settings
*New Alerts: License Increased, New Key Added, Out of Ammo
*Improved look of main GUI
*Help dialog now up-to-date (and now better written)

New console commands:
/SAS sound on/off/toggle -- Master toggle for audio alerts
/SAS flash on/off/toggle -- Master toggle for flash alerts

The new flash alerts are a useful feature to enable if you have your sound muted. It can be enabled/disabled separately from the audio alerts. It is just like when the screen flashes red from taking damage, but the color can be set to whatever you want for each alert. Setting the flash color to black disables the flash alert. The flash alert will only be visible if your HUD is visible (not while in a station or if the PDA is open).

[UPDATE] MaxProfit v1.1

I went ahead and improved Max Profit so it is guaranteed to now find the absolute maximum profit (unless there is an error in my algorithm). The code is now significantly more complicated, but that will not be noticeable by the user.
Jan 21, 2012 meridian link
[NEW] MfgAide v1.0

This plug-in helps with loading items needed for the active manufacturing mission onto your active ship. No more using 5 different cargo presets with cpreset for a single manufacturing mission requiring multiple XC loads of goods.

To trigger the loading of goods while a manufacturing mission is active, use: /mfg

There are some additional settings available by doing: /mfg options
(auto-loading is a nice feature but not enabled by default)

It tries to minimize the number of loads needed by loading the cargo in descending order of volume. While this isn't strictly the most efficient way under all circumstances, it should be good enough for the majority of cases.

For example, a hypothetical mission requiring items of 12cu, 2x7cu, 4cu & 2x3cu could be done in two loads on a ship with 18cu of cargo space (12+3+3 & 7+7+4). However, MfgAide would do it in 3 loads (12+4, 7+7+3 & 3)

Known issues:
The auto-loader won't work with the LAR bots missions or the manufacturing mission for the concussion railgun. To trigger the loading you'll have to type /mfg
Feb 19, 2012 CrazySpence link
MfgAide and Ships load out manager are great!
Feb 22, 2012 meridian link
[UPDATE] MfgAide v1.1
*Reworked the auto-loader to be smarter and fixed some auto-loader bugs
*New option to allow for auto-loading at destination station only
*Added a warning for the case where the active ship does not have enough cargo space for the largest item needed

[UPDATE] SoundAlertSuite v1.1.1
*Now plays alert for guild messages beginning with /me
*Fixed problem with key added alert
*Other minor code changes/fixes

[UPDATE] TriggerColors v1.0.1
*Fixed lua error while riding as gunner

Thanks for the support Spence