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Apr 18, 2012 meridian link
Just some minor fixes...

[BUGFIX] Timer v1.3.2
*Fixed incorrect warning when using group timer

[BUGFIX] SoundAlertSuite v1.1.2
*Fixed race condition where licenses increased alert sometimes wouldn't initialize properly when logging in to space
Jul 21, 2012 meridian link
I've created a website with info on all my plugins:

Most of the info on the website can be found in this thread, but it is better organized, has pretty pictures, and even has a tutorial for using SLM.

In the future I will be including API information for interfacing with my plugins from other plugins, as well as documentation for using my plugin libraries if I ever get around to writing any.
Mar 02, 2013 momerath42 link
Mar 02, 2013 meridian link
Thanks for the bump mom.

[UPDATE] IgnoreIRC v1.1
*Updated to also work with draugath's IRC bot named IRC_

[BUGFIX] MfgAide v1.2
Fixed to work with the new implementation for delivery missions to take items from station inventory. Now MfgAide does not load any cargo but will still display which items you are missing.

*No longer does any loading of cargo
*Removed options for Auto-load, load on warning, and load at destination only
*Changed implementation of how warning message is displayed and function of auto-loader for compatibility
*Auto-loader only unloads the item that was manufactured instead of all cargo now
*Missing items are displayed in yellow text if they are purchasable at the current station

I have some other ideas I may implement, but I wanted to get this version posted right away because the old one was broken.

The list of items missing is displayed even when docking at other stations (if one warning per mission is off). I'm wondering if it should display the items available instead of missing items while at stations other than the delivery destination. Thoughts?
Jun 07, 2013 meridian link
[UPDATE] TriggerColors v1.1

Now uses multi-colored highlights for addons assigned to multiple triggers. There are two variations of images included for the highlights: the default is a gradient blending from one color to the other, and the alternate images use multi-colored dashed lines. I think the default images look better, but it might be easier to distinguish the alternates on a small screen.

There are no commands associated with TriggerColors, so to use the alternate images, simply move the images from the TriggerColors/img/alt_imgs/ directory to TriggerColors/img/ and replace the existing images there. Note that you will have to completely exit the VO client to see the alternate images; just reloading the interface is not sufficient.

Here is an image showing what all the highlights look like as of this release:
Dec 22, 2013 TheRedSpy link
Jun 01, 2014 meridian link
[NEW] WeaponSafe v1.0
WeaponSafe adds a /safe command that puts weapons in a 'safe' mode where they are not assigned to any trigger in order to prevent accidental fire. Due to the way weapon groups are implemented, there is not a practical way to accomplish this otherwise.

The plugin does it by commandeering the 6th weapon group, so any time the /safe command is issued, any weapon assignments for weapon group 6 will be overridden. I don't think I've ever used more than 3 weapon groups for any ship configuration, so I don't expect this to be a problem.

The plugin has no effect while you are docked in a station or capship.

[BUGFIX] SoundAlertSuite v1.1.3
Fixes a long-standing bug that I was not aware of, where installing a fresh copy didn't use the default settings due to an error in a logic statement. It resulted in all alerts being enabled on a fresh install, which was not intended.

I also changed the default settings so that the alert for help channel chat is not enabled by default, and group/guild chat alerts are enabled by default. This does not affect the settings of existing installs (unless you click the set defaults button).
Mar 14, 2015 meridian link
I'm fed-up with the obtrusive pop-up ads used by my free webhost, so I've moved my site to a different provider. You can find the new link here:

The content of the pages is pretty much the same (with a few small improvements). I have rewritten all the pages in a custom mark-up language that I convert to html with a lua script, which makes the maintenance of the site easier (20-30 lines gets converted to 200-300 lines of html), but this change is not noticeable to the end-user.

I don't have any plugin updates at this time, but I do have a few things in the works... Stay tuned.
Jan 31, 2016 meridian link
[UPDATE] IgnoreIRC v1.2
*Now compatible with the VOA IRC relay.

[UPDATE] SLM v1.0.7
*Can now switch to a ship from inventory matching a loadout and make it your active ship

I also started an RSS feed so that you can always get the latest updates for my plug-in releases.
Feb 04, 2016 Xeha link
Thanks for the SoundAlertSuite.

It has 2 issues, the soundfiles 17 and 18 have a uppercase S which makes SAS unable to play it on case sensitive filesystems (mostly non OSX/Winblows). It should be lowercase s like the others.
Feb 07, 2016 meridian link
[BUGFIX] ShipLoadoutsManager v1.0.7.3
*Fixed lua error when logging in at a station

[UPDATE] SoundAlertSuite v1.1.4
*4 New alerts: Entered Storm, Bar Chat, Player Entered/Left Station
*Fixed the case issue on sound files 17 & 18

The player entered/left station alerts also are triggered by docking/undocking with a capship.

I wanted to include an alert for losing shields on a trident, but it will require an overhaul to the code to implement properly with low overhead. I've been wanting to rewrite it anyway to support alerts with multiple sounds depending on the outcome. Hopefully to be included in the next release.
Aug 28, 2016 meridian link
I did a little more experimenting with changing the BLIPTEXTURE property (i.e. shape of blip). Since the station dock texture (S icon) is green, changing the color doesn't work well because whatever color you choose gets added to the green. I created a similar looking S icon that is instead white/grey that looks better when also giving it a custom color. As a little demo, I created the StationDocksFactionColor plug-in below, which changes the station dock color to match the current sector's controlling faction. Note that it assumes all station docks are owned by the same faction controlling the sector.

[NEW] RadarColor v0.3
If you didn't see the link on the other thread, RadarColor allows customization of the color, shape and size of radar blips by type. In-game help: /radarcolor help

[NEW] StationDocksFactionColor v0.1
Colors the S-icon shown on radar for station docks based on the current sector's faction. There are no commands associated with the plug-in, remove from plugins directory to disable. If also using RadarColor in conjunction with this plugin, to avoid conflicts, be sure to set /radarcolor 11 default and /radarcolor blipshape 11 default

If you want to specify you own color for each faction, you can do so by editing the main.lua lines 15-29, changing the nil value to a color string Note that I specified custom colors for itani/serco/uit/corvus to match the colors used in chat (otherwise itani was light blue, uit was orangish, and corvus was just a black circle that was difficult to see).