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Weird graphic bug edras a-1

Aug 10, 2020 PaKettle link
When I jumped in the background was missing a large pentagon shaped piece...
I have a pic If you need it.

Happened again at edras station so not a on time thing...
Aug 10, 2020 PaKettle link
Also of note roids in a storm sector are emerging ... well wrong. It looks more like they are passing through a wall rather then gradually becoming visible.

The clipping plane is too thin. the effect you want is more like several layers of opacity so the roids emerge smoothly with the edges blurred by the fog. Also they should be like a shadow as they get close to the visible area.

Just as a way to help explain....

invisible plane - 700+m
Shadow plane - 600m
blur plane - 500m
visible plane - 400-m

I hope you take my meaning and I wasn't too confusing.
Aug 10, 2020 incarnate link
It sounds like you're experiencing some kind of renderer issue.

First and foremost, we would need to know what platform / OS, which Vendetta graphics API (DX11? GL? Vulkan?) and hardware you were using (what GPU, driver version, etc).

A lot of the time, this is actually related to a hardware driver problem. But, sometimes we change something in one API, and don't realize it has ramifications for another API, or something along those lines.

Posting a screenshot is also helpful.
Aug 11, 2020 PaKettle link
archive returned 0
build date Aug 9 2020 19:55:53
[Mon Aug 10 19:38:58 2020] Found driver: "OpenGL Reference GKGL driver". Type 5, Version 146.0. Load @0x00f4edf0
[Mon Aug 10 19:38:58 2020] Instantiate address: 0x7f606e6c0d60
[Mon Aug 10 19:38:58 2020] Found driver: "Open Sound System driver". Type 1, Version 10.1. Load @0x00f544c0
[Mon Aug 10 19:38:58 2020] Instantiate address: 0x7f606c91bbc0
[Mon Aug 10 19:38:58 2020] Found driver: "OpenGL 4 GKGL driver". Type 5, Version 146.0. Load @0x00f54b20
[Mon Aug 10 19:38:58 2020] Instantiate address: 0x7f606c69b440
[Mon Aug 10 19:38:58 2020] Found driver: "ALSA driver". Type 1, Version 10.1. Load @0x00f55c90
[Mon Aug 10 19:38:58 2020] Instantiate address: 0x7f606c43d390
Using multithreaded rendering.
Using 4 physics worker threads. and g_do_mp = 1
using other arch.

Its a linux machine
mint 19 cimmeron version 3.8.9
AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics × 4
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Mullins [Radeon R4/R5 Graphics

Dont have a host for images so I will e mail them to ya
Aug 12, 2020 incarnate link
Ah. Well, Linux drivers are a bit hit-or-miss, and while I'm a bit out of date on this stuff, at one point the AMD / Radeon drivers had a pretty bad reputation (compared to NVIDIA, anyway). But, they may be better now?

There's also an open-source driver, versus the AMD GPU-Pro drivers, which are closed-source.

I guess I'd check and see if you have the latest-and-greatest AMD stuff. Choosing to game on Linux is kind of like owning a classic british motorcycle, or something: you had better approach the process with the understanding that lots of maintenance will be involved.

But, definitely open to getting more info and screenshots and the like. It's always possible it's something on our end. I'd say it's a minority chance, but it's possible.
Aug 12, 2020 Xeha link
Im also affected by this on nouveau and nvidia (checked both). For me i even see roids in a storm 4km out but cant target them. I also use the GKGL driver and this appeared since the last one or two updates. Same thing happens with fog. Since it affects multiple drivers at once, i dont think they are to blame ;)
Aug 12, 2020 incarnate link
So, all the renderers are "GKGL drivers". We need to know if you're using the GL4 driver or the GL2 ("Reference") driver.
Aug 13, 2020 Xeha link
The GL4 is named explicitly GL4 in the selection and i dont have that one activated, so its the GL2 for me.

Out of curiosity, is it planned to release the vulkan one for linux too?
Aug 15, 2020 PaKettle link
Lowering the resolution hasn't helped. Switching it does make it go away until it happens again.

I take it your drawing the background once and reusing it.
Switching I assume forces a redraw.????
Aug 16, 2020 Xeha link

you can see how the roid is cut in half. The whole fogyness/blur dosnt exist but its so far out, i cant target it.
Aug 16, 2020 PaKettle link
Dropping the resolution did improve the roid issue a little but they still look llike they are popping out of a blue unicorns behind. In a strange way Im glad to see someelse has the issue... I was starting to think it was personal :P
Apr 14, 2021 raybondo link
Is this still a problem?