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"Attack" command problem.

Mar 20, 2021 RRuslan1999 link
After the update, when you use the "attack" command, the ship opens fire and starts constantly backing away. As a result, the fire stops, as the ship goes beyond the hit range of the weapon. The problem is that the ship does not control the attack distance. Tested on Goliath and Trident with Plasma Annihilator, Queen Gatling Cannon and Mega Positron Blaster. This bug has been tested by several players on Android and PC. So this problem does not depend on the device.
P.S. The command "defend" is no longer accepted by the ship and still does not work.
Mar 27, 2021 incarnate link
This should be improved in the 1.8.547 updates from this past week.
Mar 27, 2021 RRuslan1999 link
The problem has not been fixed. The ship, as before, moves back and leaves the range of the weapon. My Goliath with a megapositron blaster was given the command to "attack" another goliath that was not moving. When my ship opens fire, it starts backing away. He thinks he has Capital Cannon installed. The "deffend" command also does not work as expected. The ship is simply executing the previous command.
Mar 29, 2021 incarnate link
I guess we need more information. We've done testing with Goliaths equipped with megaposis, and this issue does not show up for us. This is true both with attacking NPCs, as well as attacking non-moving Goliaths.

What is the complete loadout of your ship, including cargo? What sectors are you using to test this?
Mar 30, 2021 RRuslan1999 link
Tested in Latos H-2 and Ukari A-10 sectors. Installed on my goliath: Megapositron blaster / Hive Queen Gatling cannon / Plasma Annihilator; 2x Capital Rail Cannon and an empty hold. The targets were capsips of trade convoys (Tridents and Goliaths). They were stopped by the Power Cell Blaster. The problem was repeated on all the above mentioned weapons (But the truth is Plasma Annihilator worked a little better, the ship did not always move back with it). It was also tested on the Trident of a player who just stood still (Also in a sector with a wormhole). In this situation, the ship also backed away. We changed places with him, his Trident attacking my Goliath also backed away after entering the command. Is it the wormhole sectors that are the problem?