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NPCs attacked outside NFZ can retaliate inside NFZ

Apr 03, 2021 wsad1234 link
Just a few mins ago I killed one moth in Verasi E-14 and attacked another one from the Orion faction.

Are NPCs supposed to defend themselves in the NFZ? I could be wrong but I thought that even defending players would get temp-KOS.
Apr 04, 2021 Ohm link
Mis-understood the post; so you are saying, if you attack an NPC outside the NFZ, and follow it into the NFZ and continue to attack it will defend itself? Seems logical. Were you admired by the local faction? Because NPC's will still attack you unless you are.

Players who have been attacked in a monitored sector of the faction, can indeed defend themselves inside the NFZ, except at Corvus. Corvus is the only exception to that rule, they will send a SF after anyone who violates the NFZ.

The change to the NPC's and NFZ's was not to say they would not retaliate if attacked, it was to change the fact that NPC's that hated you would attack you for no reason other that they hate you - even inside the NFZ; this was what was changed - they no longer decide to attack you without provocation if you are admired at the sector in question.
Apr 07, 2021 wsad1234 link
Hmm, maybe you are right. I guess I got it wrong, nothing to see here then :)