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Nov 28, 2006 Jim Kirk link
Expensive to say the least. Used only for Capital ship to Capital ship, or to Levi's with Player controlled capship. Well, whaddaya think?
Nov 28, 2006 Renegade xxRIPxx link
ow ow I know I know that sounds... to good to be true and therefore existant.

I would suggest to search for the term avalon.
Nov 28, 2006 yodaofborg link
Now, if just either a) people would get over at firing em at stations while people undock (some people can, but eh, what newb with a temper wouldn't?) or b) devs make em so you can't fire em in a NFZ (more likely, but I dunno how complex) cos they can't do c) can't fire near a station. Cos that means cap ships or summink.

b) sounds good to me.

/me burps
Nov 28, 2006 Dr. Lecter link
Station nuking now almost necessarily carries with it a possibility of trashing one's faction there--in NFZ kills haven't been penatly free for over a year now.

So, the only realistic chance of pure station nuking is at Corvus.

And seriously, who the hell cares what griefing goes on there?

Nov 28, 2006 Jim Kirk link
I only suggest it because of all these crazy plasma, ion, flechette pieces of crap that don't do any damage, while older technology is better? Not only that, but we need more diversity in weapons.

I mean nukes were around since the fifties, did they conveniently make a law to have nuclear research and development destroyed? NO! They developed neutron blasters, gauss cannons, gatling turrets, and rail guns! That means the people of the whatever century we're in, know the advanced workings of an atom, and therefore could not possibly have forgotten about nuclear bombs.

I also move to put smaller nuclear bombs (unguided, slow and therefore shootable) into the large weapon add-on slot in both Player and Bot ships.

The Cap ships, though, should have shootable missiles.
Nov 28, 2006 Whistler link
James Kirk:

We used to have nukes in the form of Avalon torpedos.

Fri, Nov 10, 2006 incarnate

"Yes, Avalons and such will return, but not just yet. I need to tweak their collision models, and ask Andy about making the turrets prioritize incoming torpedoes higher."
Nov 28, 2006 Jim Kirk link
Well, I didn't see the actual topic of "Avalons Returning" or "Nukes" anywhere, so I figured I would post it.

Anyway, I figure the current and Prior Avalons should be mostly used by the Caps, and maybe Behemoths and the underused Marauder(somehow using the cargo space to its advantage).

In terms of the smaller (mini-nuke)though it should:

1: Be equipable in any large weapon slot

2: Be unguided

3: Be Targetable and destroyable

4: Be inventoriable; meaning you can keep more than just one of them inside a ship with big cargo space, taking up 30cu or something.

5: Be worth buying for > 100,000cr.

6: Cause a small amount of damage by carrying it inside the ship's inventory section

7: To counter the radiation (since there isn't sufficient protection inside your ship) have a purchaseable buffer housing in the ship's cargohold filled with heavy water, which stops the radiation leakage, which stops the damage, for a big price and cu.

8: #7 would necessitate support ships to carry repair guns, making them more useful.

9: Have a training mission utilizing them properly.

10: Have recordable nuclear "Medals" in your character stats screen for : "Nuke Interceptor" and "Nuclear Devices Detonated Successfully"(killing more than one person at once).
Nov 28, 2006 SuperMegaMynt link
I'd strongly appreciate it if an aftershock of the nuke in question caused a sweet aftershock that would cause not enough damage to bring down a full ship, but would still blast ships a mighty distance away. There are two specific reasons I'd like to see nukes employed.

Ya' see, I like to participate in Border Skirmish alot, and one of my favorite tricks involves hiding not 5 meters above one of my allied Capital ships, and adding my firepower towards a nearby enemy vessel. However, one day I learned why not to do this when in a battle of two on two TPG Trident Frigates, two of the closer frigates including the one I was on exploded simultaneously. Although I managed to survive the blast, I was literally propelled at speeds over 500m/sec. (Heh, no wonder those ships are prone to leave behind 4 tons of samoflange when they boom.)

Anyways, I want nukes to be like that!

I suspect that such a weapon be loaded with samoflange because of the above story, and demand that the missle and delivery system weight atleast as much. And it seems to me that even with the addition of new weapons technology, the structural inegrity of futuristic space craft is bound to have advanced considerably as well. I would hope to see nukes used more as a concussion warhead with moderate splash damage. Notice how this helps stop griefers from wiping out stations of people at a time, because it'd take multiple hits to inflict any kills, and those kinds of pricks usually don't have any friends. Tactical group strikes are totally okay however.

Don't get me wrong, though; a direct hit would without a doubt administer coup de grāce.

If you want to start relating to reality, check this guy out:
At 58,500 kg, the Trident is what we'd consider a "light" warhead.
Nov 29, 2006 Jim Kirk link
Holy crap that was cool.

It makes me scared of what they prolly got now though...
Nov 29, 2006 iry link
Nov 29, 2006 Suicidal Lemming link
How about what we've been capable for awhile?
Nov 29, 2006 Zed1985 link
Don't forget that we are in space the trident weighs 58k kilograms because of the fuel it has. In space I would imagine it would weigh as from as little as 1/10 of that to as much as 1/2. (data collected from my little finger)

Though from wiki, it's speed is 8m/s... (well it would be waaaay faster in space, but stil)

But I think we can let this thread die and know that we will have nuke equivalents Soon (enough).

What I think would be cool is "Plasma Bombs" It would be a large addon that would be a bit like the charged cannon. It would take ALL the energy you have in your battery and convert it into a giant ball of plasma. The more energy you have the bigger (and stronger) it would be.

You know the energy equivalent of nukes. It would also give a purpose to the large batteries again.
Nov 30, 2006 Jim Kirk link
Yea, even just the idea of smaller bombs, not even nukes. There just needs to be more diverse content in terms of everything, weapons to batteries to things to create (ahem stations), etc.
Dec 02, 2006 drazed link
I've been watching the Babylon5 Crusade series as of late, and I really like the main gun on the Excaliber (the one that's absolutely devestating but drains the ship of all power for 1 minute). I was thinking nukes in VO could have a similar effect (along with many of the other suggestions). What if launching one of these devestating weapon disabled your ship for a set amount of time? This way using such weapons would require you to have escorts for protection while your ship powers back up.

Dec 02, 2006 Jim Kirk link
But why wouldn't the escorts lose power?
Dec 02, 2006 SuperMegaMynt link
Even passing a fired Caledfwlch class warhead would temporarily disable a ship's electronics. Man, would that be a hell of a gun.
Dec 02, 2006 drazed link
I meant that firing the thing would put the ship down for a bit. But I like those ideas Jim and Mynt. The blast knocking down all ships would be quite interesting, maybe make a small port addon that would block the shockwave and keep your ship from being knocked down?

Dec 04, 2006 Jim Kirk link
-> drazed

I think the add-on would take up two slots, possibly a large and a small. Kind-of like charging a car's battery through the lighter routine, I believe the same could be true here.

Here's my system for preventing an EMP.
Items needed-
-One Large ported Sheild Generator, weighing in excess of 10,000kg.
-One Small ported high-voltage Battery, which jumps your battery back to life almost instantly after the EMP (or detonation of nuke).

Other items possibly introduced in this situation-
-A Large ported "Modified Repair Gun" also weighing in excess of 10,000kg, would be able to charge other ships back to life, after the ship holding it is charged obviously...

Centaurs would be ideal for this "Repair-Man" Job of the convoy or group, as it has a small and 2 large weapon ports.
Dec 04, 2006 SuperMegaMynt link
As if you didn't already know, EMP waves are a common bi-product of nuclear detonations.

Yeah, I don't know about shields, or battery jumps, or mega-duce repair guns, 'n stuff, but additional slot items to off protection from whatever disabling effects, if any, are employed would be an excellent way to go. Especially launching avalons, or nukes, or Excaliburs, or whatever we call 'em these days might require a 'slow charge' for the simple reason that only the slow charge confers enough energy capacity to succesfully launch said Goliath Cannon. Umm...

Alucard Mk Warheads: Charge rate - 105/s for 10 seconds = 1,050 energy (that's alot!)
Heavy Power Cell: 550 capacity, 45/s recharge x 10 second = 1,000 energy (not enough)
Molassas Po. Cell: 800 capacity, 25/s recharge x 10 second = 1,050 energy (yes enough)
Dec 07, 2006 Jim Kirk link
Well, if not charge rate being decreased, or some kind of otherwise huge combat disadvantage, then some other way. Whether it be the weight of the nuke making you extremely slow, Radioactivity(making you lose Hp exponentially), or giving everyone in the system your location (if you have a nuke) via an automatic radiological alarm.