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Color Code Cargo Crates

Jun 18, 2007 Obsidian link
I was trying to look at the game from a new perspective and now that there are so many different drops and different drops have importance I suggest the following color coded catagories for the standard crates. I think it would help with finding things and it would also expand the crate art industry

ores (dark green)
bot drops (red)
scrap metal (yellow)
trade goods (cyan)
ship weapons/equipment (magenta)
ctc (dark blue)

I'm flexible on the colors

[EDIT] yes I mean the ones floating out in space so if a bot drop four crates you have a bit of a hint which of the four contains the orun processor, and which has the scrap metal, etc.
Jun 18, 2007 SilentWave link
this kindof follows a general movement towards better identification of items within direct view, aside from the radar.
Jun 19, 2007 Aleksey link
Jun 19, 2007 Surbius link
Jun 19, 2007 Lord~spidey link

[edit] oh and make ctc crates White and visible from 10 kilometers
Jun 19, 2007 LeberMac link
Aww christ, not MORE colors. My eyes still hurt from the clown-attack copy I struggled through last night...
Jun 19, 2007 gear9242 link
not to seem like a n00b or anything, what the heck is ctc?
[approved,i guess?]
Jun 19, 2007 roguelazer link
[stamp of approval]™

Although I'd prefer subdued as opposed to bright colors. Something like

ores (#b6ceac)
bot drops (#cfabcb)
scrap metal (#cfcdab)
trade goods (#b6abcf)
ship weapons/equipment (#cfb1ab)
ctc (#acbbce)
Jun 19, 2007 Cunjo link
Wait, is this on the radar, or on the screen? Because I'd really like to have the cargo crates glow different colors visually, and bright colors would be just fine for that, as you described them. For the radar, I don't know if that would prove as useful. More colors on the radar is likely to lead to more confusion rather than clarity.
Jun 20, 2007 The Ori link
I agree, keep the cargoes the same color on the radar, but change the colors of the crates and the glow.
Jun 20, 2007 roguelazer link
That was how I had interpreted it...
Jun 20, 2007 yodaofborg link
Yay to coloured widgets!
Jun 23, 2007 sarahanne link
Have there been many special drops added to the game?