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swap capship turrets with turrets in cargo

Sep 22, 2021 biretak link
allow captains to exchange turrets with turrets in the cargo bay... say top front rail for pcb in cargo. A time penalty could be applied before the turret swap becomes active. this would give commanders and captains more options for changing strategic loadouts in battle and between battlles.
Sep 22, 2021 look... no hands link
Given the currently limited number of capitol docks, it might be worthwhile if the time penalty is sufficiently long. How long though, I dunno, to take a guess at it, 5 minutes (the current shield regeneration time).
Sep 23, 2021 starblazzz link
Shields should drop for this.
Sep 23, 2021 csgno1 link
Interesting idea about the shields, this means the ship will probably withdraw from battle while the change is in progress. I agree there should be a waiting period as suggested above.
Sep 30, 2021 biretak link
so, csgno1, starblazzz, and look.... no hands all agree to +1 with time constraint... make it so :) incarnate my friend
Oct 02, 2021 incarnate link
So, just to recap:

Add the ability to change turret loadout during flight, on capships.
- Swapping any turret would drop shields for five minutes, and any turret(s) being swapped would be disabled for five minutes from the time of respective swap engagement.
- If multiple turrets were being swapped (in succession), the shield-down-timer would reset to 5 minutes from the most recent turret swap.
Oct 02, 2021 look... no hands link
It sounds like a reasonable balance between vulnerability and inconvenience.
Oct 02, 2021 Anewold link
beats flyimg for 30mins just to add a single turret switch
Oct 02, 2021 Drevent1 link
+1 but include the front port as well
Oct 02, 2021 haxmeister link

I didn't look at this thread before because I thought "that would be unfair".. but now that I read it.. sheilds dropping for 5mins is a perfect trade-off.. and still faster than driving all the way!
Oct 04, 2021 biretak link
+1 sounds good
Oct 04, 2021 IronLord link