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get rid of unrats in deneb

Oct 05, 2021 biretak link
what purpose do unrats serve in deneb? the warriors should be brave enough to fight anyone in deneb. I just dont get it. And... friendly fire should be accounted for by both sides. not sure just cause someone accidently hits a friendly, they get marked enemy. so... +1 no more magic unrats in deneb that magically show up.

just to be clear.. my dent got killed just because an alley docked after I accidently shot a friendly npc. somehow I got marked as enemy of both sides and didn't have time to fix it. That's what sent in the STUPID unrats that should not exist at all.
Oct 06, 2021 Whistler link
This seems to be a rant more than a cohesive single suggestion.

Please see: , particularly #5.

Please post again using those guidelines if you are still inclined.

Thank you.
Oct 06, 2021 incarnate link
This system was added, because of people who were not participating in the Deneb missions (and technically "not part of" the Battles).. flying their capships into Deneb battle sectors, creating various exploit scenarios. There are old discussions on here, as there were a lot of complaints at the time.

I haven't looked into what specifically happened to biretak, but in general: Don't fly into a Deneb battle, unless you're actually using a Deneb mission.

If you don't know how Deneb currently works, you may want to ask other players to explain the current mechanics, before complaining that they don't work right.

We're always open to Bug reports, or appropriately stated Suggestions, but they should start from a place of understanding the current state of systems.