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A mission tree for stations in grey

Oct 07, 2021 SIGTERM link
Difficulty: Hard

i. +901 standing or more with home faction. The faction in question should have a way to determine you are a trustworthy person. Upon successful completion, they will put in a good word for you with home faction + access to some faction exclusove stuff.
ii. 0 or higher faction standing with the station in question. The faction in question cannot assign this mission to a person who has violated their rules and certainly does not care about standings.
iii. Combat license 5 or higher. It would be pretty bad if new or inexperienced players are sent and killed in grey.

You get a mission in your PDA looking for someone to deliver a low-risk datapad. The mission will be provided by a station in grey which is NOT a part of the UIT (i.e., Aeolus, Ineubis, Xang XI, Tunguska, Corvus Prime). On your way you get attacked by unknown hostiles. Contract terminates with the death of the pilot.

Upon successful completion, you are asked to deliver a high-risk datapad covering the details of the attack with possible reasons and countermeasures. This time you get attacked and are followed through various sectors. Contract terminates with the death of the pilot.

Upon successful completion, you are given a reconnaissance mission. By this time you are deemed trustworthy by the local faction. You will be equipped with data transmitters and you are asked to spend some time in various systems and empty sectors. All of this information collected will also be written in the datapad in the players ship (because this faction does not have the technology used by the Serco where they monitor the behaviour with the help of implants) so dying or aborting this mission will decrease faction standings. If it goes back to 0 then the mission tree will restart. This datapad can also be sold to other faction which will pay more than the local faction, at the expense of losing local faction standings.

Upon successful completion, it is uncovered that a hostile party is planning an attack on the station. You have to defend the station with strike force.

Completing this mission tree will give a mojor boost to your local faction standing + minor improvement with home faction standing. The player will also be granted blueprints to faction exclusive items.

I cannot think of faction exclusive items tho. Maybe it goes in-line with the idea of illegal weapons? (

It would be better if the faction exclusive rewards differed with factions. Like a faction provides blueprints for light weapon and another faction provides blueprints for heavy weapon.
Oct 07, 2021 incarnate link
So, we may not always have a lot of unreleased "faction specific rewards" lying around; but for the mission tree, you could join the PCC and create it yourself?
Oct 07, 2021 SIGTERM link
Sure thing but I do not qualify for the first requirement:
"You must be a paid Vendetta Online account holder."
Oct 08, 2021 SIGTERM link
Well, it does say I am eligible so I'll join.
Oct 08, 2021 incarnate link
Good luck, you can also post mission-creation specific questions on the PCC forum. People are (recently) checking that. There's a Discord channel as well (request access on the PCC forum).

I'll look at that application page when I get a chance.