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If you join the military, it should limit your standing with the enemy

Oct 12, 2021 csgno1 link
If one joins the Serco military, and have joined one or more Deneb skirms in the last six months, Itani standing should be capped at -550. And vice versa.

The justification is that if you are openly at war with the Itani or Serco, they would barely tolerate you in their nation space. If you show up in a Deneb skirm, you've been sighted and identified by the enemy fleet. The six month timeout is so that it's not permanent, but it is significant.
Oct 13, 2021 We all float link
To add to this, killing a member of your enemies military in your own nations space, even guarded, should not count against your 3 kills per 7 day limit before a tkos.
Oct 13, 2021 greenwall link
+1 it's important to maintain the forced hatred between itani and serco
Oct 13, 2021 death456 link
Ever since I started VO I found it funny that as an Itani I can grind serco standing and not be shot in serco space! And vice versa.

However the same can't be said for the Itanis They are always eager to end the war in deneb. It would not be a stretch to see a serco in itani space. I really feel Itanis are more forgiving.

Little mixed on the issue my self.
Oct 13, 2021 Luxen link
This suggestion is specifically for pilots in their nation's military and are actively participating in it, death, not towards those who would be making a realistic effort to separate themselves from their home nation.
Oct 15, 2021 We all float link
I do have a concern about this suggestion. I could in theory use this to make sure i could farm the hive forever in my enemies territory, and never have to worry about my standing changing. That could be seen as exploitative. The devs would need to make sure that hive kills do result in home nation standing changing (going down) still.
Oct 17, 2021 biretak link
harpo... my itani standing is lower than that and I am not worried about it.
Oct 19, 2021 haxmeister link

This is kind of a "duh" thing.. should have already been done.