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unrats discussion

Oct 17, 2021 biretak link
is it possible to have an unrats discussion without thread being locked? If the answer is no, I wont bring it up again and will respect that. Get rid of all of them? I joined for the player interaction and the bots are fun, too. But, the unrats are not worth the trouble.

And Unrats get in the way of player interaction. For example, in Latos, I heard there were tgft that wanted to move stuff from verasi to bractus... but there were multiple wh with unrats. I could have given the tgft a memorable experience that would keep them in game for months, but the third unrat wh got ahold of my dent finally. I fought through the first two.

So... why keep players from interacting with each other in exchange for npcs?
Oct 17, 2021 incarnate link
Your topics getting locked had nothing to do with the topic of "unrats" itself (which was explained to you). It's all about how you present things. A level of self-discipline is expected on Suggestions, like it says in the very first rule.

Some people abused Suggestions as a place to rant about whatever was bothering them, which is not what we're here for, and a waste of everyone's time. This is a place for thoughtful, coherently positive ideas, towards improving the game for all players.

Anyway, this topic is less-badly posted than the prior one, so to answer as simply as I can:

First of all, player response to the unrats has been robustly positive. People lobbied to have them spawn more often, and in more diverse types, which is why we have the Saturday Constellation unrats, versus the regular Trident unrats, and some varied drops from their home-base capships and so on. They're certainly a work in progress, and could use improvement; but a lot of people have told us they enjoy them. (You can read all the prior threads about this, on Suggestions, if you wanted).

More fundamentally, Grayspace Unaligned Pirates were created to offer some dynamic uncertainty in the game universe.. which I want to add more of, not less. I want NPC convoys making distress calls, minor faction corporations randomly going to war with one another and impacting pricing of the economy, the hive running amok and out-of-control and impacting production at grayspace stations, etc.

Every time you log into the game, I would like part of the game universe to be "uncertain". Newbies can play in Nation space, where everything is pretty much the same. But grayspace, who knows? Particularly as territorial conquest emerges, and other factors. These are not "new" goals, they're like 20+ years old, they're just finally starting to come to fruition.

Any of that "future" content could interrupt your desire to get past Bractus and attack TGFT. So, a more pertinent question might be:

Why should the game be made more empty and boring for everyone, solely because of a one-off situation between you and TGFT?

Particularly in the face of.. an infinity of other options? I mean, you could suggest alternative mechanics around interacting with unrats, or strategies, or AI behaviours, or weapon types, or any number of different (positive) things.. which might achieve your goals, and not take content away from others.

But, so far, all you've posted about (in all your threads) is that "you don't like X and want it removed".

Player-interaction is obviously important, but everything doesn't have to be mutually exclusive.
Oct 17, 2021 biretak link
thanks for your response... Didn't realize they'd be popular. I haven't hunted the unrats recently so, I cant comment further at this time. I'll go a few rounds with them and see what I think. I remember not being impressed by the drops, but that would be from awhile back. Lately, I've been just ignoring them.

The other content you're contemplating sounds interesting.
Oct 17, 2021 incarnate link
I haven't hunted the unrats recently so, I cant comment further at this time. I'll go a few rounds with them and see what I think.

There's a whole battle-system where you can damage them enough to run, and then follow them back to their base-ship, and then destroy the base-ship and cause the unrats to go away for a number of hours (randomized within bounds) until they respawn again somewhere else.

Anyway, lots of other historical forum-threads about that, which you can read if you like.