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Android controls

Oct 17, 2021 Shin Akuma link
Does the devs has plans to make a built-in hud/controls customizer? I know there is droidbuttons, but it has been abandoned a long time ago and has lots of bugs. I'm not really a programmer but isn't placing HUDs just variables? And also can you please post all console commands on this website please, maybe ask someone from the community to write manuals for you. I hope that you consider this suggestion because I know lots of mobile players that stopped playing because of frustration regarding combat on mobiles. And also maybe move the default firing button a little higher because it overlaps with the left field.
Oct 17, 2021 We all float link
Droid buttons was last updated Apr 11, 2021, so i would not call it abandoned.
Oct 17, 2021 draugath link
Whether or not DroidButtons is being maintained does not diminish the value of flexibility in the default touch controls, as requested by Shin Akuma. Droidbuttons will always lag behind touch interface improvements, and some bugs may linger longer than necessary because most mobile players don't report problems. Also, I had abandoned the project years ago. I only recently came back and started fixing a few things.
Oct 17, 2021 Shin Akuma link
Oh, I didnt know Draugath is back! Sir, VO has a new touchlook system for mobile and I have a bug to report. The thing is, the touchlook doesn't work properly with droidbuttons when you remove the HUD using the DB. But the touchlook works when you dont remove the default HUD. Hope you can find a fix to this sir.