Community Sites

The following are Vendetta-oriented websites run by players. Guild Software, Inc is in no way responsible for their content. All sites on this page are dedicated to projects which provide resources to the VO-playing public. For guild-specific sites, see the "Player Guilds" list. To submit your public, community-oriented site for addition to this list, email "faq at guildsoftware dot com" with the subject "VO Community Site". The subject must be exact.

  • Vendetta Wiki

    The Vendetta Wiki Team (Lemming, Celkan, Roguelazer, etc)

    A regularly updated wiki-format encyclopedia of information about Vendetta Online.

  • The [VPR]pedia

    M. Duncan

    This wiki gives newbies and traders valuable information on the subject of piracy in Vendetta Online as well as other interesting information. It is intended to help deal with pirates, griefers and attackers of all kind. Please feel free to register and contribute.

  • [VPR] Image Management System

    Strat and M. Duncan

    A site for sharing images related to Vendetta Online and its community. Feel free to register and submit your own game-related images.

  • Obsidian's Strategy Guide


    A Vendetta Online strategy guide, covering many areas of gameplay.