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What's going on with Guild?

Hi folks, a small bit of an update about our goings-on. We've been quiet in part because of infrastructural changes and work mentioned in previous newsposts and messageboard threads.

Among other things, we're moving this week. Our landlord wants our particular office (the home of Guild since 2000) and has offered us a great deal on a larger, nicer office upstairs. So, a couple of days this week will probably be spent moving an reorganizing in our new digs. This will be very cool for a couple of reasons, including the fact that we'll have more space for new employees, which brings me to the second point..

We're most likely going to be bringing a new dev onboard in the next week or so. We will introduce him to you all in due course. He'll be helping us add some of the high-level gameplay you've seen discussed on the messageboard and on the new Design Wiki:


(which is still extremely sparse and incomplete, I have a great deal of notes and older documentation which needs to be rewritten and added there).

Anyway, in other news, development progress is moving along, towards the Hive goal outlined in the Wiki, as well some other prospects. We have a new mission/AI editor in the works, which should allow us to rapidly add a lot of interesting content (missions, NPCs, whatever), and even potentially let outside people contribute content (a long-term goal).

So, in closing, lots of stuff happening here. We're planning on a lot of big game changes in the near future. In the meantime, check the messageboard regularly for some posts I'm going to make regarding a few of those changes, and we hope you're enjoying the game!

- John "Incarnate" Bergman

P.S. The office move will not affect the game at all, as all our core servers are located in a datacenter off-site.