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Sector Jumping now 75% Less Annoying!

Sector jump energy requirements have been reduced from 100% to 25%, as some have noted from the MOTD. In addition, the "flare" rocket types were balanced a bit, reducing sunflare capacity from 16 to 12 per tube and increasing the lesser flares in both capacity and damage (pre-existing Sunflare launchers will incorrectly say they have "12 of 16" rockets, but this will only last until a new launcher is purchased). The wormhole "warp" animation is still being temporarily used for sector jumps while a new animation is being cooked up.

In other news, plenty of more interesting development happening with the UI, AI and Hive. You will be able to see some of our direction showing up this week on the design Wiki:


As of this writing, it has not yet been updated, but will be tonight or tomorrow. Please continue to post about any bugs to the Bugs forum or using the reporting forms. We welcome any suggestions in the Suggestions forum. Thanks, and enjoy!