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Test Client Release

This marks the debut of the new client, as a optional Testing-only download. Any of our users are more than welcome to grab this release and help us with the testing process. However, first be aware of a couple of things:

This is a completely optional download, a buggy beta-test install of a new client. You do not need it to play the game. We are not responsible for how it behaves on your machine. We would love to hear feedback on what goes wrong from those who are adventurous enough to try it, but you should install it only at your own risk.

This is a test-only client, it has plenty of problems (some known) and it should be kept in a separate temp directory. We plan on periodically releasing new clients to fix bugs and make improvements, until the new client is ready for production. All test copies should be kept separate, so that in the event of a major problem in the test client, you will continue to be able to play the game with the production client on a day-to-day basis.

3) This Test client will not be available as a patch
While it's in testing, you will need to download a completely separate archive of the client, which contains all three versions of the game (Windows, Mac and Linux/IA32). You will need to be savvy enough to use a zipfile and keep the directory structure intact (dragging the vendetta_beta1 directory to your desktop should suffice). You will then be running the client directly, no Updater will be included with these Test releases. After testing is completed (hopefully a few weeks) and the client is deemed "production worthy", we will create a patch and push it out to everyone.

If, after reading and understanding the above, you still want to try the Test client, then read on..

Release Notes:

This client, as previously stated, as a number of issues:

New Characters
We do not recommend creating a new character with the client, as the Character Create screens don't quite work right. The next version will have the new Character Create interfaces.

General UI bugs
This can be anything from menus appearing in the wrong order (under one another instead of on top, and other related Lua bugs. Please report any Lua bugs or other problems of this nature via the messageboard.

Shader Problems in Linux/OpenGL
There seem to be some shader fallback issues that impact OpenGL on Linux. In this case, the Vulture and Warthog both appear without textures. We're aware of the issue and will try to correct it in the next Test release.

How And When To Give Us Feedback
We do want feedback, preferably via the messageboard, and we will create a specific thread for related posts (in General). However, because this is still a bit of a Raw test, please limit your feedback to obvious bugs, crashes, errors and other major issues. There are still a lot of missing standard features (/commands and the like).. we know they're missing. We will create a separate design-related thread in the Suggestions forum when we're ready to handle design-level input on the new UI. Initially, we'll just be focusing on major bugs, and it won't be helpful for us to be overwhelmed with higher-level gameplay related issues.

Here's the zip:


Just drag and drop the directory inside the zip file to your desktop or other suitable location. Go into the directory and run the vendetta binary within (there are three.. one for Linux, Mac and Windows.. which to use should be obvious). The zip file encompasses everything you'll need. You will not need any files from your production version, and it's recommended you not copy any over (ie, don't try using your wgaf.cfg at present).