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Bugfixing and other fun.

Just a quick update on the goings-on here at Guild. You may see a fair amount of stuff appearing over the next two weeks, if all goes as planned..

On the New Test Client front, Ray is diligently bugfixing, and we're once again aiming to get a new test client out by this coming Friday. We're still just trying to get the bugs fixed and the client stable, we'll look into new features and other requests once we've accomplished that. Our major goal is to get the client fully into production (which requires it to be stable and functional), and *then* we can really start adding stuff.

Michael's new mission work is 99.9% completed, with a few remaining tweaks and implementation changes. He's hoping to debut it this week. We'll see how that goes. This will include the new Hive Hunt mission, the Trader-Escort mission, the Pirate The Traders mission (related to the previous) and perhaps a couple of Mining related missions. These debut a whole lot of new Deliverator code that Michael's written over the last 2-3 months, and also includes an updated back-end for the convoys in general. They've been actively tested on the test server, but we still expect to have some bugs crop up after release. Michael will be working on the production server once the new code is out there, and we'll fix up any bugs as quickly as possible.

Andy had to take a break from his mission-editing web interface to help us out with the test-client release and some related bugfixes, and he's now back to cranking out the new mission editing system. The current version already *works*, it just only includes a pretty simple set of mission cases.. he's expanding that to include a lot more options. I can't guarantee when this will be available to the general public, I want to play with it and test it first.. but we'll open it up as soon as we can. We are going to have a whole application process for access to the editor, so watch for news of that here.

In between helping here and there and everywhere, I'm still sprucing up graphics (currently tinkering with asteroids) and working with Luis to get him some new content-creation tools (our own internal viewers and tools) and have him ready his new ships for use in our game. As I improve our older, existing graphical content, I'll be rolling it into the periodic Test Client RLBs, so anyone can see the progress there (so far, good feedback on the newer Vulture and Warthog materials).

That's about it for now. Watch for a new Test Client this Friday, and hopefully we'll be seeing some in-game server-side content appearing over the coming week. Take care all, please keep the bug reports coming. Thanks much!