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Quick Update

Just a quick post to update our goings-on. Ray and I are pushing for production-izing the client next week, which'll be a big deal if we can pull it off. He's fixed a lot of bugs, and I'm trying to pull some additional content together (new character text, help text, and so on). Getting this thing into production is our #1 priority. We have a lot of other projects, but most of them hinge on being able to update the client.. our goal for so very, very long.

In other news, Andy is continuing to debug the mission editor. That project is coming along nicely. He's also trying to debug some of the recent server-side problems that have plagued us lately.. still unsure of what's going on there, but we're keeping a close eye on it.

Michael is working on a variety of Deliverator-related functionality. Some may have noticed the Trident cap ships appearing in convoys from time to time. We're going to be doing a lot more with that, after the new client release and the redux of the economy.

So on that note, thanks much for everyone's testing of the various Betas. We're trying to get all the final bugs nailed down, and then put this sucker into production.

One final point, regarding the new Universal Binary support in the beta (which will also appear in production). The game has been successfully tested on the new Intel-base MacBook Pro and iMac, but does not yet appear to work on the recently-released Intel Mini. We have no current workarounds for the Intel Mini, although we are trying to work with Apple to resolve the issue, as it appears to be an OS-related driver problem at this time. We're escalating the bug with Apple, but until we either get some resolution from them, or an Intel Mini of our own for testing, we won't be able to guarantee compatability with that machine. Sorry to any new Mini owners.. we'll make it work as soon as we can.

That's all for now, I'll post more updates in the coming week.