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Vendetta Online 1.5.7

This version makes some minor tweaks and a few feature additions. The graphics of the Raptor have been slightly adjusted, to get rid of the "lighting-shift" seen in the warp-in cinematic. The ship's abilities have also been adjusted a little, in turbo thrust and port positioning. The Proms have been slightly nerfed (I'm sure there'll be some response on that) and the Hive Posi has been adjusted a bit.

Ray has added basic Guild functionality to that menu tab in the station menu. It should now list the members of your guild who are online. More functionality will be coming for all these areas, as well as another UI redux, which will be focused mostly on the mission interface and tutorials.

Several more new ships are still in the pipe, but having some further tweaking done. The next "big" additions that can be expected will most likely be the new ships, and the second generation UI redux.

As always, please post suggestions on the Suggestions forum, and let us know of any problems you find.

Changelog for 1.5.7:
- Guild tab in station shows guild members online and other guild info.
- Fixed problem with some Intel Macs not rendering the glow effect properly.
- Fixed shader for TPG Raptor.
- Sort ship inventory in Ship Cargo tab by name and then price.
- Fixed crash when program is closed by the OS (Cmd-Q on MacOS, Pressing Close button on Windows, etc...).
- Fixed leadoff icon so it is not rotated 90 degrees.
- Fixed total price message when selling 1 of something of which you have more than one of.
- Fixed lua error when quantity field has something other than a number in it when item is sold/purchased.
- Fixed problem when video options (and other options menus) are closed with the x button.
- Fixed guild vote once and for all.
- Fixed camera position from inside turrets
- Fixed DirectX 9 "Couldn't open window" error