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Vendetta Online 1.5.8

Bugfix version with a new ship in testing. On the mac side, we are now 100% universal, as the Updater (which used to require execution in Rosetta, although the game was universal) is now universal. We've also made changes and updates to the other platform Updaters. Some of the bigger cap ships may now be a lot more lethal.. it was my intention to use larger collision meshes on their weapons, to match the increased size of the weapon effects. But, that never worked properly, until now. Those who brace the Trident, HAC or Leviathan may now find that much more adept strafing is required, we'll see how it works.

We've also add the second of Luis's ships, in this case the TPG capship known as the Teradon. The ship is not quite polished yet.. it's graphically ok, but still needs more testing on the positioning and layout of the turrets, the engine and mass, etc. So, for now you can see the snazzy new ship, but it may act a little stupid. I'll do more refinement and testing next week. This TPG ship is intended to eventually be a light escort cap, something along the role of a "destroyer" or "light frigate". It has no docking bay and will not be getting one (future caps will, this is just Luis's very first ship for us).

For those who recall, the Teradon is the vessel featured in the "spy shot" many months ago:


In adding the Teradon we noticed a shader bug that only seems to appear in certain sectors. So, you may notice a lack of bumpmapping and specularity, as well as strange lighting, in certain sectors that contain only one lightsource. Since this bug has been present for some time, and no one had yet noticed (that particular shader is only used on the Raptor, Leviathan, and now the Teradon), we've released the new ship anyway, we'll debug and fix the shader issue next week. Most of the time, the ship should look fine.

We've also fixed a number of bugs, and Michael has made further improvements in the Deliverator framework, so hopefully the various escort missions will be more reliable.

As always, please post any problems to the messageboard, or submit bugs with the bug reporter. And most of all, have fun!


- added /j command as a shortened version of /join
- /ignored players are now properly ignored at all times
- mighty mouse scroll wheel now works without requiring usb-overdrive
- exhaust trails of missiles don't go away when the missile is not visible
- fixed misc lua bugs
- changed default accomplishment text in station
- fixed bug with 2d radar selection box not being centered on target when in 3rd person mode
- updater icon for windows is nicer (may need to force windows to reload the icon)
- mac updater and bug reporter are universal
- updater handles errors a little better
- fixed capital ship cannon projectile so its collision mesh is larger
- fixed some crashes in windows with some SiS video chipsets
- fixed some crashes in widows with cards that don't support antialiasing