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Vendetta Online 1.5.10

This is mostly a maintenance release, although it includes some fundamental network changes which should lead to further improved performance in "huge-space-battle" type circumstances (the addition of path MTU discovery to the network protocol). Aside from that, there's also some shader tweaks to the newer ships (raptor, ec98 and teradon), and some texture changes on the teradon. Preliminary support for the Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard has been added, allowing some game data to be displayed on the keyboard's LCD screen (this support is currently only available in Windows). The Itani Valkyrie was also reduced in mass by 100kg. Look for more involved changes next week, we're still hard at work on the topics I mentioned in the last post.


- Fixed TPG testpilot mission tree (should be easier to complete)
- More improvements to network code (including path MTU discovery)
- Reduced mass of valks by 100kg
- Shader changes to Raptor/Teradon/EC98
- Texture changes to the Teradon.
- Station now visible behind character select menu
- Fixed bug where missions were unable to set nav routes
- Changed references to EC-88 (mostly 'bus killer' stuff) to EC-89
- Miscellaneous bugfixes
- Added support for Logitech G15 keyboard LCD under Windows