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Vendetta Online 1.6.3

The release includes some graphical changes, client fixes, and a major revision of the Hive.

Graphical changes: Many planets are now bumpmapped. Many, but not all. For instance, Itan is bumpmapped right now, but Serco Prime is not (but hey, they do have lighted cities). I'll finish the planets next week. Most of the common planets in the universe are bumpmapped. Gas giants are not, of course, as that would be dumb. So check out the planets, if you have shaders, they look a lot cooler.

Client fixes: Ray fixed some problems with the "mission notes" area, and also did some changes to the way turrets are named on cap ships. Also several bugfixes.

New Hive: Michael pretty much rewrote the entire hive system from scratch. This includes the Hive itself, all the hive missions, and various other functionality. So please test it out and post any problems. Michael is also testing a new dynamic economy that's plugged into his new Hive code. It doesn't actually impact anything right now, it's just in the background for our own testing purposes. Still, worth mentioning so you know that it's on the horizon.

Very short changelog:

- Some planets use bumpmap shaders if available
- Fix for arrow-key cursor movement in Notes menu
- Players no longer get put into a turret when they dock to a capship under certain circumstances
- Major hive changes