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Vendetta Online 1.6.9

Further minor bugfixes and changes, leading up to more significant alterations.


- fixed all references to 'battery' and changed them to 'power cell'
- changed zoom button to 'Zoom to System' in nav menu
- client updates faction/licenses correctly now
- hud weapon progress bar is now more accurate and doesn't reset when the hud is closed and opened
- new station/pda current cargo count is updated when cargo count changes
- %lastprivate% variable for who last msged you, so we can make a /msg %lastprivate% command and a /reply command.
- station prevents someone from connecting an addon if they don't have the required licenses
- tried to make advancement log only update when it is visible
- changed sort function in ship load/unload tab to sort by name first
- changed order of station dialog closing to handle port auto-save properly
- support for animating controls. HUD cargo element uses this
- mining tutorial uses 1) 2) menu so it works in the new station interface
- limited support for hotkeys in pda and newstation